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  1. I would like to know how many 3rd party Certificates I require for eset mdm deployment for IOS devices. Should I have ONE SSL certificate for the MDC server and connecting mobile devices, and use a self-signed certificate between MDC and ERA server. which of the certificates and STRONGLY required and which ones are optional? ie. ERA + MDC communication = 3rd party or self-signed certificate MDC+Mobile Clients = 3rd party or self-signed certificate
  2. Sorry I wasn't clear enough. I am talking about updates through the Apace HTTP Proxy. I am not comfortable with the mirror tool. I have a very large deployment of about 6000 nodes with intermediate ERA Proxy servers. I want the all the computers that are ALWAYS offline (5000 nodes). Only the ESET HTTP Proxy server goes online. And I would like to know if the HTTP Proxy component of ESET is good in this case just as the mirror tool
  3. I would like to know if it is a good idea to set up HTTP proxy for computers I do not want to ever go online.
  4. I would like to know why some of the offline licenses I have applied to some windows devices turn to unknown after a while? it doesn't happen to all but some.
  5. I am using the default setting in ERA for the MAC OS devices, by just turning the firewall on. Even on standalone MAC OS devices with the lasted Endpoint for Mac version, the same happens when I join a network and classify it as public. I am able to login to skype application send change and receive chats. make calls and be called. BUT I am unable to maintain the call. Immediately the call is answered, it drops.
  6. Marcos, this is not practical, as this is a school with about a thousand nodes, and this can't be done for all users. Some users are between ages 6-10 and they will not be able to do this. I tried it personal and every single connection it tries to open will be flag. Windows systems do not have any such issues.
  7. Hello, I have configured Eset endpoint security for Mac version 6.6.866.0. The product works fine but when VoiP calls are made, eg skype, the call rings on the other parties devices, and drops immediately after the call is answered. The problem is resolved when the firewall is turned off. I have no special rules configured. and it stops working when it is turned back on. The current firewall policy in place is "Antivirus - Balanced" policy with firewall turned on. nothing else.
  8. What is the best way to upgrade ERA version 6.5 to ESMC and the agents likewise. Will clients on Agent version 6.xx be able to communicate with ESMC?
  9. I would like to migrate from ESET ERA 6.5 to a new Server running ESET Security Management Console. In other to meet organizational security compliance. We are not to have any out of date software running on our computers and server. I would therefore need to know how to do the transition smoothly. without costly administrative overhead. Thank you.
  10. I found out the cause, which reveals another problem. The old Endpoint AIO Setup File had The proxy settings embedded. I assumed this will be inherited from the ERA server but it did not, although the Antivirus policies and even the password protection for the agent uninstall also worked. I have found out that some policies are not trickling down from the parent static folders under All. Which is not the norm. Is there a know reason why this is happening?
  11. I have Eset ERA version 6.5 and Endpoint Security v6.4 which currently works fine, although we have a proxy and a third party firewall on the network. Updates and activation are done through the ERA server and everything works fine. Using the lastest Endpoint version 6.6, I am unable to active with ERA server on the corporate network and neither Am I able to activate with the key on the same network. Updates do fail as well. But I am able to activate and update on an unrestricted wifi. Version 6.4 works seamlessly on both corporate network and test wifi. How can I resolve the issues with version 6.6.2046.0
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