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  1. no, it can still open. i use url *facebook.com* and it still passed... is there another way for that?
  2. on policy for mac i d'nt see https scanner, ?
  3. Dear, i use rule block facebook on mac book mojave version, but not worked, are endpoint security for mac not support block it? Maybe those who have experienced the following, can share their experiences. Thanks before
  4. Try to unplug the LAN cable (if using cable) or disable WiFi (if using a WiFi connection) and activate the firewall in the absence of a connection if you still can't, try this: disconnect all networking paths, then reinstall ESET
  5. Where can I find features "DEEP BEHAVIORAL INSPECTION' ? I didn't find that feature in the ESET Endpoint Security (7.1.2053.0), is that feature found in another eset version? or there must be a button that I have to enable? This installed components on my computer This my menu on advance setting
  6. Thanks for your answer, my mean is, Windows only allows connect 1 SSID, other than, can't connect. like for example, device control. When I give a rule block, there is one USB that I exclude to be able to enter the device.
  7. Can ESET be able to block connected to WiFi and can only connect to the wifi that we have excluded? if posible, if possible, how can do it? Thanks before
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