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  1. Yes. It appears that the issue has been resolved. I'm unsure if this was just a "you need to wait" thing, or if it was some sort of failure on ESET's licensing server(s) that has since been repaired. Either way, my licenses are now active.
  2. I recently (finally) updated our old ESET Remote Administrator software (v5) to use the ESET Security Management Center (v7). The basic deployment seems to be fine, but I'm unable to add the licenses for our workstations. Every time I attempt to add the licenses - whether with the Business Account credentials or the license key - I get an error indicating a failure. For example, trying to add the licenses using my credentials returns the error: "Failed to add license by ESET Business Account credentials." Looking at other topics on this subject, I tried looking at the trace.log file to ge
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