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  1. Windows 10 - 1909. Updating to latest build of Windows now. Hopefully that will fix it.
  2. Hi, Have ESET Internet Security and on ver 13. Clicking the update button does nothing. Should I uninstall and reinstall? Thanks
  3. Hi, Theres a mod tool I want to run on my computer but Eset won't let me run me it or extract it from a compressed archive file. Its called Allinone.exe part of coffelake mod tool. Not only that if I disable Eset security for a half hour I still can't run it. Very frustrating. Please help. Thanks
  4. Interesting in that I also filed a report on the chrome community forums. They probably took notice.
  5. Well I went to "hxxp://r2---sn-p5qs7n7d.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/SYXoBpkRb0rYLyn5WoAeeA_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_79.0.3945.130_chrome_updater.exe?cms_redirect=yes&mip=" I went there on another machine and Eset did not flag it like it did on the problem PC. So I can assume my Eset install is corrupted. Will try uninstall and reinstall.
  6. Looks just like my logs. Fwiw tried it on another machine and did not get the error though had issues getting all Eset features running until had to do uninstall and reinstall. Would like to do the same on the problem machine but if there is a legit virus not sure but will most likely try an uninstall reinstall. Thanks
  7. I had pre-release profile set on for some reason. Going to try again after it updates itself back to standard release. Edit: Standard profile = no difference and still blocks chrome download Was blocking legit 'https' stuff on another machine last week in the office on bran new machine. Had to uninstall and reinstall Eset. Not sure whats up now on my personal machine at home. Thanks
  8. Hi, Today I started to get popups that Eset has blocked URL/Urlik.AAO and Google Installer object from accessing some web site I assume is nefarious. So I uninstalled Chrome and now when trying to reinstall it Eset blocks the Chrome installer download. Microsoft Edge (New version based on Chrome) works and installs fine. Not sure how to fix. Thank you Here is the log: Time;Scanner;Object type;Object;Detection;Action;User;Information;Hash;First seen here 3/3/2020 7:44:41 PM;HTTP filter;file;hxxp://r2---sn-p5qs7n7d.gvt1.com/edgedl/release2/chrome/SYXoBpkRb0rYLyn5WoAeeA_80.0.3987.122/80.0.3987.122_79.0.3945.130_chrome_updater.exe?cms_redirect=yes&mip=;URL/Urlik.AAO Object;connection terminated;NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM;Event occurred during an attempt to access the web by the application: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe (75C5A97F521F760E32A4A9639A653EED862E9C61).;BCE0EC3FA95F5EAF1F93AB052B690B4AD4F1C6C7;3/3/2020 7:44:41 PM
  9. No offense I do not wish to break my computer any further than what it was now that I have it working again. All I can tell you is that if you upgrade to 1903 from 1803 using Insider preview option your Eset installation will go corrupt and cause issues with programs loading in a timely manner and such. I verified that I am not the only one with this problem on the Guru3d Forums someone else also mentioned a similar problem. I would hope that Eset engineers are investigating regardless. For now I am going to wait until the software is updated. Thank you
  10. Hi, Updated Windows 10 to ver 1903 Insider Preview and noticed that loading certain apps would either fail or take too long. Only fix was to uninstall ESET Internet Security. Hopefully there is a compatible build of Eset?? Thanks
  11. I can tell you Eset is not compatible with Windows 1903. Was having applications lock up on me and take for ever to load if at all not until I uninstalled ESET Internet Security latest version as of last night. Hopefully they will fix it sooner than later. May is around the corner! Thanks
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