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  1. Thank you all for your attention and for your answers. I solved the problem positively.
  2. Tell me, please, how can I return money for ESET Secure Enterprise? The program was not installed on the computer and 3 days have passed since the order. What documents do I need to provide to the company? The product was purchased on the Internet from the site of U.K. The product has not been in use and the license agreement has not been violated. Kind regards
  3. Thank you. ESET Endpoint SecurityMC 6.6 - What do the letters MC mean?
  4. Version 7 Endpoint Security beta-program or is it only planned in the future? I would gladly join the beta testers. If possible.
  5. Thank you very much. The problem is solved. I have a question for you. Is there a FTP server where all versions are located . Included beta-program.
  6. Excuse me, please, but me that no one can give a link to version 6.5 without asking any questions? I'm trying to use version 6.6 for 2 days and I'm very uncomfortable.
  7. Please give me a link to version 6.5. 2107.1 I do not like version 6.6. This explanation is enough. I do not want to write much and confuse you and myself even more. Screenshot payment program and obtain a license from the ESET website I can make, if required. On the main page on the left, "Protection Status", at the bottom on the same page it was convenient to run Scan "Run Smart Scan" and see "Protection status" at the same time. The window of program could be stretched as you like, though on the whole screen of the monitor. For me it is extremely important. In the third picture, the program is expanded to the full screen. This can not be done in 6.6 If you show screenshots of version 6.6, then you need to show them entirely. Only then can you understand what is missing and what is inconvenient in the new version. And why I just can not download any version of the program, which I like. All antivirus labs can be downloaded last year's versions. I do not see anything wrong with this. A person should have a choice. I use the program alone at home. And I'm completely satisfied with everything in version 6.5. 2094.1. But there many modules 2014, 2016 and 2017, of course, would like a newer program, where the modules of 2018 or at least updated the basic modules. Do not try to persuade me. I'm a very categorical person. If I do not like it, I do not buy. In the upper right corner of version 6.5 there is a rectangular button that stretches the program to the whole screen of the monitor. In version 6.6, there are only "minimize" and "close" buttons. In addition, it is much more convenient to switch from the "Computer"- "Network - Web and email". Please help me, please give me a link to version 6.5. 2107.1. I will not write anything anymore, I absolutely do not like the new interface of the program 6.6. I ask you to give me a link (possibly when I renew the license) to version 6.5. 2107.1 or on the version above this. Except for 6.6. Or I will continue to use the product that I will buy for my money. Or I'll switch to another product. Do not regard this as rudeness. Excuse me, but I want to buy what I need for my money. Thank you for understanding. Please give me a link to version 6.5. 2107.1
  8. Good morning! I do not want to upgrade to version 6.6, I do not like it at all. I do not like the interface and sometimes BSOD. Tell me, please, where you can download the full version 6.5.2107.1 or perhaps the version above, but not 6.6. I'm running out of an annual license and I do not want to go to 6.6 because of an extremely inconvenient interface and some other reasons. For example, it can not be stretched across the screen - it's inconvenient. Especially when you change the settings. In addition, there is no button in the upper right corner of the screen. I now decide whether to renew my license, because I do not want to look at a bad interface for a whole year. Also, in ESET Endpoint Security "Protection status" removed, "Run Smart Scan" removed. It's very uncomfortable for me. I have almost a year worth 6.5 version (6.5.2094.1) I have already been running version 6.5 for almost a year, if I can, I would like to purchase a newer version 6.5.2094.1, maybe 6.5.2107.1 and higher but not 6.6. But I have been unable to find a link to these versions. Everywhere or 5 or 6.6 . Thank you very much. Please help me.