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    Cp3p0 gave kudos to itman in ESET replacing site EV SSL certificate with its own?!?   
    Actually it does.
    Firefox, Chrome, and Edge all recognize Eset root CA certificate. Otherwise, they would be alerting about it. All FireFox is informing about is the certificate is not one contained within their own internal root CA certificate store. FireFox now defers to the Win root CA certificate store in this situation which does contain Eset's certificate.
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    Cp3p0 gave kudos to MichalJ in EMA2 MSP Question/Issues   
    Hello @Cp3p0, thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded it to the responsible product managers and UX experts.
    All of the issues you have highlighted are not user-errors, and we plan to address them in the future releases of EMA 2 (especially option to automatically hide suspended sites, de-provisioning of customers (incl. replication of such changes into ESMC) and adding settings with the option for auto deactivation. 
    We do not however plan to allow retroactive creation of a trial license per customer where full license was already present due to the potential of license misuse. However I do agree that the noisy records of cancelled license should be hidden / removed. That is AFAIK planned as well as some other improvements in the user behavior. 
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    Cp3p0 gave kudos to ScottWStewart in ESET FAILED TO INSTALL DUE TO POSSIBLE MALWARE   
    I successfully uninstalled ESET using the uninstaller tool, rebooted and ran the installer again and I didn't have any Malware issues preventing the fresh installation of ESET Endpoint Security 7.2.2055.0! All is well now and running up to speed. Thanks for all the responses guys. Cp3p0 thanks for the solution.
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    Cp3p0 received kudos from ScottWStewart in ESET FAILED TO INSTALL DUE TO POSSIBLE MALWARE   
    Hi Scott,

    Just my 2c...

    If you've got sometime to trouble shoot I would recommend giving the Manual Uninstaller tool a shot.

    You'll need to reboot your computer in Safe-mode then try again. 

    This occasionally works for me.
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    Cp3p0 received kudos from BeanSlappers in Eset for NAS   
    Hey @BeanSlappers

    All home edition products NOD32, EIS & ESSP scan Network Drives which includes NAS on the fly.
    Setup > Advanced Setup > Detection Engine > Real-Time... > Media to Scan

    Although perfect for small-time NAS users, this wouldn't be ideal for a NAS being accessed by dozens of people as it's not at the ICAP/Array level. Typically ICAP is used for a more enterprise approach, you'll often see other Vendors market this with "Protection Engine" or "In-line Setups". 

    ESET only offer ICAP scanning within their business solutions; ESET File Security For Linux. & ESET Gateway Security (currently being phased out).

    Yes & No
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