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    Cp3p0 gave kudos to MichalJ in EMA2 MSP Question/Issues   
    Hello @Cp3p0, thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded it to the responsible product managers and UX experts.
    All of the issues you have highlighted are not user-errors, and we plan to address them in the future releases of EMA 2 (especially option to automatically hide suspended sites, de-provisioning of customers (incl. replication of such changes into ESMC) and adding settings with the option for auto deactivation. 
    We do not however plan to allow retroactive creation of a trial license per customer where full license was already present due to the potential of license misuse. However I do agree that the noisy records of cancelled license should be hidden / removed. That is AFAIK planned as well as some other improvements in the user behavior. 
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