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  1. Holy hell whats with you? You realize this isn't exclusive to ESET? Other AV's even Firewall solutions perform similar actions. You're joking if you think this is quote "plain WRONG! And it's DISCRIMINATION to say the least". Man, thank you for the good laugh.
  2. Hi all, I have a few issues with the new EMA2 and I'm hoping someone can help me out here. Please feel free to comment/contribute or advise whether any of this is user error. 1) Bright red Company/Site records in EMA2: This is the first thing you see when signing into the MSP portal. In EMA1, these were auto hid by default, however, we now need to manually apply a check box filter. (Why??) 2) De-provisioning sites: It is not uncommon where customers come and go. Unfortunately, it's not possible to remove these customers static groups from the ESMC which reside under the MSP Automation Framework. Imagine having 50 new customers & 10 leave in the space of 6 months. You'll have a bloated tree with endless static group records. (Suspending the site in MSP 2 will not remove the Static Group from the console). View from EMA2: View from ESMC: 3) Customers who no longer need certain licences/accidentally creating a "Full Licence": Previously I've mistakenly created sites with Full license opposed to selecting the "Trial" tickbox. Unfortunately it's not possible to re-create or downgrade the licence to a trial since a "Full" already exists. In the below screenshot you can see the customer no longer needs File Security for Linux so this is suspended. However, they still need Endpoint for Windows/File Sec for Windows. This unfortunately leaves a legacy record which cannot be removed from the console adding unnecessary noise. 4) Licence Management - Deactivate seats not connected to EBA/ELA In EMA1, we used this option in ELA to de-activate machines which are no longer connecting in. This worked great as certain teams would activate machines using the ELA/EMA account. Now, with EMA2, the activated seats are managed here and not from the EBA. This is great, however, we can no longer set these options for "Deactivate after x days" like we previously were able too.
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