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Malwarebytes no longer runs scheduled scans

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Hi folks!


I recently got a new computer (PC, Win7x64) and have both ESET NOD32 (latest version) and Malwarebytes Pro installed.


Lately, Malwarebytes will no longer run scheduled scans. I think ESET NOD32 is causing this, but I have no way to check or prove this.


Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


Thanks in advance! :-)

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I run a similar setup. ESET and Malwarebytes Pro.

My schedule scans are working OK!  EDIT: "After further investigating new schedules are not "

Ensure you have Mbam and ESET excluding each other moving forward.

I will post examples . . .

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If problem still persists. . .

There are 6 executables in the malwarebytes folder.

You could try adding





and finally mbam.exe all to exclusions.

Unins000.exe doesnt need added.



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Have you tried reinstalling Malwarebytes ?

Have you tried deleting your scheduled scan and creating a new one ?

You can also use autoruns or Emsisoft hijack to look under scheduleded items to see if its there.

I will post some examples shortly...

Mine runs like every few hours automatically so we should be able to resolve this easily...

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My first attachment has tons of options for troubleshooting . . .


There is an option for Recover if missed by  ????

Add that as well to see if it starts the scan automatically ....



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Scratch that ......


MBam Checker here : hxxp://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam_check


Post your log file please . . .



Also is your computer in Sleep mode at your scheduled time ? Or on and running ?

Do you have hibernate enabled ?

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I reinstalled, I also deleted & recreated the Daily Scan.

I also rebooted for good measure, still no luck.


No Sleep Mode, No Hibernation, PC on 24/7.


I am attempting to attach the "CheckResults" file now...

Thanks again for trying to help!


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I have checked (enabled) the Wake From Sleep option, but I seriously doubt if that's the culprit.

I Edit the Scheduled Scan by changing the time to 5 minutes ahead and watch it, nothing happens.

(It's not an overnight thing.)

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What other security programs are you running besides eset and mbam ?

and are you using nod32 or smart security ?


There are no other differences between your mbam settings and mine.

I went through your entire log.

So another 3rd party program or windows itself is not letting mbam start up for your scans:)

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I just created a new schedule for every hour, and set it to start within 5 minutes and it did not run.

This may be something to take to the Malwarebytes forums for further investigation.

My schedules that were created when i installed are working okay and running as they are suppose to. I have no problems with them.

It seems any new scheduled scans are not working or failing.

Since my originals are working just fine, i cannot blame ESET myself.

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Read through this thread : https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=114262

and try the suggested actions please .....

The clean tool, and the other adjustments suggested.


Report back your findings :)



In conclusion i feel the database updates as well as their proposed 15 minute delay, may have something to do with it.


I think its weird how my daily scan and updates work just fine for me.

I am not concerned however since they "are" working but any new one will not, however i do not need any new schedules.

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  • Solution



I followed the instructions to the letter = DL & installed the cleaner, rebooted, temp disabled AV, reinstalled newest version MBAM, reactivated, updated, rebooted again, reset scheduler, and Eureka! It actually worked! [doing happy dance in chair] :D


I wish I knew what happened in the first place to make it stop working, but thanks to your help Arakasi, all is well again! I can't thank you enough, realllllllly appreciate it!!! :D

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I finally took a look at the topic and I see that at least my XP computer stopped scanning a while back. I will try your advice to get it working again.


This one Win7 computer is fine but I have a few others to check.


edit: Looks like the XP computer stopped scanning on 12/1/2013. No idea why.

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  • ESET Insiders



Are you positive in that files scanned/accesed by MalwareBytes will be scanned/accesed by ESET then anyway?

You are only telling ESET to ignore scanning of MBAM files

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