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  1. Hi folks! 🙂 I would like to request a minor change to the next Update. The way things are now, when finishing a Scan, the newest version *does* play a sound file upon completion, but it's indistinguishable from any other "Ding" sound played by the System. What I would really like to have is the *option to choose* the sound file (wav, mp3, etc.) that plays when the Scan ends! Thank you for your consideration, and a special Thanks to TomFace for recommending this! 🙂
  2. Hi Itman! 🙂 Yeah, I realize now how silly & futile my Plea for Help was! Yes, it's all very nice that a sound file plays now, it's just indistinguishable from all the other sound files that play. Oh well, thank you for your thoughts! Marcos & Tom, thank you for your help also. Please consider this thread closed as I can't see this going any further. I still love my ESET and look forward to any and all updates! 🙂
  3. Hi Tom! :-) No offense to you or Marcos, but I KNOW where the "Windows Sounds" Control Panel is! I have been changing my Sounds for many years now, and I think you're both missing my point. I don't want to change EVERY SINGLE SOUND on my PC associated with the "Ding" or whatever we call it (no, just the opposite) I want to *create* a NEW category under Sounds instead. Right now I only show 3 Headings -- Windows, File Explorer, and Windows Speech Recognition. Nowhere under these 3 headings is a place for ESET to change anything. If I have missed something somewhere along the way, then *please* teach me - I'm all ears! Thanks for all your help so far! :-)
  4. Hi Tom! :-) I have already enabled the sound signal as you have illustrated in your quick reply. (Thanks!) However... I cannot find *any* Setting *anywhere* that will let me change the sound file inside ESET. (I run "Windows 10 Home", fully Patched, Updated, etc..)
  5. Hi folks! :-) Sorry if this seems trivial (and I guess it IS compared to some of the awful problems some others are having!) but I have a question and can't find the answer on my own. OK, I would simply like to know *where* the sound files are kept, so that I might change them to something more appropriate than just a generic "ding". In other words, when my Overnight Scan is finished and nothing bad is found, I would like my PC to play the "Hallelujah!" MP3 I have saved. :-) I *know* that this is possible, I just don't know where to look and/or what file(s) to change. Please help? Thanks in advance!! :-)
  6. Thank You to itman, Rami, and TomFace, your input was appreciated! Thank You to Marcos, for even better news! 🙂
  7. Does *anyone* running Internet Security version hear a sound played when a Scan is finished or interrupted? (If so, can you please explain [1] how you did it, and [2] where your sounds are coming from?) Thanks in advance! 🙂
  8. Hi Marcos! ? Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately, I do not hear the "Asterisk" or any other sound after a Scan is completed. Any other thoughts, suggestions?
  9. Hi Folks! ? Apologies in advance if this has been asked/answered elsewhere, I could not find the info. (Running ESET Internet Security (fully updated) on Win 10 Home PC, 16GB RAM) I'm trying to have a sound (.WAV file) play when certain events are triggered. For example, completion of a Scan, or problems found, etc. I know where to look to see if this feature is available, and it is under Setup / Advanced Setup / User Interface and "Use Sound Signal" is already checked/enabled. I guess I'm confused because I have NO idea *where* these sounds are located and/or how to change them. Any Info, tips, advice, etc. will be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance! ?
  10. (Replying to my own earlier reply, but really to Marcos) I just wanted to let you know that I got in touch with ESET today, and they gave me an *excellent* deal on an Upgrade from Antivrus to Internet Security. Not only that, but the Upgrade includes my wife's PC as well, so we're both covered now! Thanks again!! :-)
  11. Wow, that's a lot of great info, just what I was hoping for! (I'll have to digest it all and try to make the best decision, but I think I've already picked the right one for me.) Thanks again Marcos, I appreciate all your help! :-)
  12. Hi Marcos! To be honest, it was so long ago that I really don't remember! :-) Oh wait, it just came to me...When I purchased my PC many years ago (from a local US chain called "PC Laptops"), it was included in the price! I have been renewing the license annually ever since, and really never thought about it until you just asked! How would I "Upgrade" from E-AV to E-IS, and how much would it cost me?
  13. Once again, thank you! I took a chance, Downloaded & Installed "Internet Security" v11.1.48.0 (over my existing "Antivrus" v11.1.42.1) and happy to report all went smoothly. :-) Tonight's Overnight Scan will tell if the problem has really been solved for me, I guess...
  14. Hi Marcos, thanks for the quick reply! =============================== Marcos Group: Administrators Posted 2 hours ago @emem The issue is fixed in the latest version which is now undergoing QA tests. I've installed it and had no issues while running scans. If you want, you can download and install ESET Internet Security from the following links: EIS 32-bit, EIS 64-bit. ================================================================================ I'm excited that there's a fix in the works, but the links (provided above in your answer to someone else) are for "Internet Security", I'm only running "Antivirus". Will this somehow still work for me?
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