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Cannot get rid of scan dialog

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I've been using ESET Mobile Security without issue for a while and generally it is pretty good. However, there is a small issue I'd like to sort out.

I don't know if it is a feature of the latest version, or maybe an Android issue but after I ran a scan recently I was stuck with the scan box on my Samsung A3 phone. (See pic)

I just cannot get rid of it and whilst it doesn't affect the app it is an irritation.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it is still here. If cleared the app data/cache. If I run another scan there is an option to close when it is finished but the scan box is still on the ESET opening screen.

Has anybody else had this issue? How can I get rid of this "scan device" popup?GetImage.jpg.0e3e47edce0b47fa8f93da908272fe00.jpg

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Hi Daedalus - It just does not look like it is supposed to be there permanently. If it is part of the design then I guess I'll live with it, but it doesn't appear on my Asus Android tablet, just on the phone. Maybe I'm a bit obsessive, but little things that don't look right just bug me.

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