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    Daedalus gave kudos to RenéM in Eset passwordmanager don't work with Firefox 62   
    ESET password manager is too often out of order.
    Not shortly one day or two, but for a very long time.
    No news from ESET in the last 2 months this time. It is completely unacceptable.
    One should be aware that it is not a free product, but a PM we are paying for - but unfortunately don't know when it works.
    ESET is a security company, but unable to solve even a minor problem - because they don't write and correct code themselves, but rely on other companies and programmers.
    They simply don't know what the code contains - and that is very, very thoughtful.
    In addition, it's just a copy of Sticky PM, which works as it should - even in Firefox.
    I have eternal license for Sticky PM (as security when ESET PM does not work) so it's free to use. Opposite ESET PM (a simple copy of Sticky PM) that costs money every single year.
    What we are experiencing at the moment is completely indecent.
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