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  1. After Windows update ESET Password Manager don't work in Opera. When I try to add PM to Opera, I am just notified that an error has occurred. Any help is received with thanks. Chears René
  2. Thank you Marcos 🙂. That information might well have been clearly available! Have a nice day!
  3. It's almost 8 months since ESET PM stopped working - and it still doesn't! Will it ever be a trusting and stable program? If yes, then when? It is frustrating that ESET dont react and communicate with their customers and users in this case. The original Topic regarding the problem is closed and locked, even the problem is not solved. https://forum.eset.com/topic/16697-eset-passwordmanager-dont-work-with-firefox-62/ Absolutely unreasonable.
  4. Last September (4 months ago), PM stopped working in Firefox, just like the year before. Nothing has happened since - neither a status nor a solution. I therefore assume that, as a subscriber to ESET Smart Security Premium, I will be reimbursed the extra cost I have had in relation to the cheaper ESET Internet Security version that does not contain PM, or at least gets my subscription extended for free. The question is how long ESET can continue to sell software they don't know the content of! Happy New Year! René
  5. ESET password manager is too often out of order. Not shortly one day or two, but for a very long time. No news from ESET in the last 2 months this time. It is completely unacceptable. One should be aware that it is not a free product, but a PM we are paying for - but unfortunately don't know when it works. ESET is a security company, but unable to solve even a minor problem - because they don't write and correct code themselves, but rely on other companies and programmers. They simply don't know what the code contains - and that is very, very thoughtful. In addition, it's just a copy of Sticky PM, which works as it should - even in Firefox. I have eternal license for Sticky PM (as security when ESET PM does not work) so it's free to use. Opposite ESET PM (a simple copy of Sticky PM) that costs money every single year. What we are experiencing at the moment is completely indecent.
  6. Last year it did not work in Firefox 57 for a long, long time. Now it don't work in Firefox 62 64-bit ?
  7. Hi Marcos Thank you for your information and suggestions. I would be very happy if you can clarify for me how to create such a rule since I can’t edit in the current. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi CB530 I have been in learning mode the last 2 days, but it has unfortunately not been able to help me. I've also tried out the other 2 modes, but without any result.
  9. After installation of ESET Smart Security, I have trouble transferring images from my Canon EOS 70D camera's Wi-Fi, which is blocked by the firewall. I have by logging identified that it is a blocking of outgoing SSDP (UPNP) for svhost.exe - as illustrated in the screenshot. I've temporarily disabled the rule. My question is simple: Can I delete it permanently without risk? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello Arakasi Thank you for your interest in my problem and the comprehensive explanation. I have uninstalled the network connection on my Windows 8 machine and created a new - and it works now. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  11. I have now found out that the network works if I disconect the LAN cable and turn on Wi-Fi instead. Once again I disable Wi-Fi and connect the LAN cable, so ends the connection. It works with wireless connection but not with wired LAN connection. Can this information help?
  12. Hello everyone. I'm new with Eset Smart Security and have just purchased licenses to my 3 machines. Everything works as expected, except I can't get network access to my Windows 8.1 machine from my Windows 7, but no problems when I connect to my second Windows 7 machine. As I often move files from one computer to another, I hope there is a user who knows the solution so I can get back in touch with my Windows 8.1 machine which I had no problems with before I switched to Eset. Thanks in advance. Sorry for my bad English :-)
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