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Internet Issues w/ Version 10

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I recently renewed my license and updated ESET smart security from version 9 to 10.  Following restart of my laptop my internet browsers failed to work.  IE couldn't load pages and Firefox crashed on opening.  The system tray showed that i was connected to the wifi.  I suspected malware so i went to update Spybot.  Spybot stated that I was not connected to the internet.  During the update the program crashed an i received a blue screen.  I started in safe mode where i was able to access the internet and Spybot was able to update.  I ran a malware scan with Spybot but picked up nothing malicious. 

I attempted a virus signature update for ESET.  However ESET had problems also connecting to the internet.  I did a system scan, however this stalled after 2hrs.  Following this I did a sytem restore to a point before I updated to version 10.  This brought me back to version 9 and I was able to reactivate my license.  I then tested all the issues i had encountered and found that the restore had solved the issue.  hence I suspect the problem was related to upgrading to version 10. 

I am apprehensive about updating ESET smart security in the future.  Are there any solutions?

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High probability that some files from v9 are being left behind after the upgrade to v10 and causing the issues.

Following this method will loose any rules/settings you have created manually in v9 so be warned

1) Download the ESET uninstaller from here  https://download.eset.com/com/eset/tools/installers/eset_apps_remover/latest/esetuninstaller.exe

2) Download the offline installer for your v10 product you are licensed for, from ESET Homepage (from the support>downloads section for your ESET product in your language)

3) Uninstall v9 manually via add/remove programs, then reboot go back into windows and then reboot in safe mode.

4) Run the uninstaller you downloaded in step 1,  as per the guide here https://support.eset.com/kb2289/

5) Install v10 that you downloaded on step 2

You should be good to go :)

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I'd create a restore point when everything works and then:
- remove all security programs that you may have installed (you've mentioned Spybot at least)
- uninstall ESET and then also run the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode

If Internet connection works, download and install the latest v10.1. Let us know if the problem persists.

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