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Going to new PC - License Key?


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Hi there folks;

My old PC is on it's last legs; the video card is clapped out, the hard drive isn't reading properly, and I've had the Blue Screen of Death three times in ten days.

Time to upgrade. Not before time, this one is getting on. Everything is backed up, and the new system is being brought to life. But...

How do I migrate my existing NOD32 license over to a new PC? I presume (and please, feel free to correct me) that it will be a case of downloading the trial from the web and then entering my license key. Or am I wrong? And if I'm right, I'm damned if I can find where my license key is inside the program. I know I put it in there somewhere, so any hints 'n' tips would be appreciated.

I'm using ESET version, and will be migrating between two 64 bit systems, running Windows.


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If the former computer doesn't boot up, simply install and activate ESET on the new one. Otherwise the proper procedure would be to uninstall ESET from the former computer before activating it on the new one.

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My thanks, that's a good point and I hadn't thought of that, thank you.


The uninstall is part of the transition procedure to the new PC. I don't know how the registry keys (I think that's what you're asking?) would be affected, but I'm all ears if you have any information.

Thank you both.

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