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Restore deleted Mails from local quarantine

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Hello everyone,


i have a question about the ESET Mail security for Exchange. We are using the local quarantine with some rules to filter the reqular SPAM. But I deleted accidentally a email. Is there any possibility to restore the mail? 

There is a hint in the manual to use the eshell but with no examples for the syntax. 

I alredy found out where the database for the local quarantine is located. In "%WINDIR%:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Mail Security\MailQuarantine" and there are files older than three days.

Maybe someone had a answer because a long google research still keeps unsuccessful.






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  • ESET Staff

Hi ocs,

run eshell and open "Server" context and enter "mail-quarantine?". This will show you help.

To see deleted items run "mail-quarantine deleted" - each item has unique ID. To restore deleted item run "restore mail-quarantine 123" - replace 123 by ID of your item.

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