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ERA Agent Not completing the job.

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I'm deploying from our ERA Server, I'm creating an installer for Mac. When I install it, the agent starts, everything looks good on the client. The agent registers with the server. And I assume my policies and tasks are working because the correct version of end point is getting installed.


What isn't happening is on the console. It never gets beyond a name in a grey bar. I never get the details of the client computer. The icon for the agent and the AV never are placed on the system. So I can't run tasks remotely because it doesn't know what's on the other end. Because it never is identified, it never gets to it's final Dynamic Group. So it never get's the final policies applied.

The attached image is after the second system had been installed well over an hour. 593876ab71067_Screenshot2017-06-07at2_56_22PM.thumb.png.640ef8409e5b2934736e351bd42a7ad9.png


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