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would like ESET to confirm Please

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1st I am at present having no problems. Running ESET SS 7.0.302.0 64-bit Windows 7 pro 64-bit.

Got a disturbing email  from HP. They say there is a new dangerous virus called Blackmal.

And they further say that the only one that effectively protects against this virus is Kaspersky.

I take this message with a grain of salt and have done nothing in response to it.


However, I would appreciate a response to this message either to me or on the ESET

Web site. Do you know about it? Is it a fake message? Do I have any concerns?

I can email the message I received form HP if you need to see it. 


Jack Shankle

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Jack. Post only the text here from the email.
Leave out your personal information and email address please.

It doesnt even sound like a legit HP email.

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