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  1. I believe the current color codes are as the following: HIPS - Orange PUA/PUP/PSA*(?) - Orange Threat - Red FW Outbound - Green FW Inbound - Red (unless the connection is from the Trusted Zone, then it's green as well) New Network Detection - Blue I think the orange color is fit for the PUA/PUP but for HIPS some new color might be needed, blue can be used because AFAIK it's only used by the firewall when a new network is detected and that's a completely different looking dialog, but again any other color can be used, blue was just an example.
  2. Description: Different color for the header of HIPS (Interactive Mode) dialog windows. Detail: The warning for PUA/PUP is almost identical to that of the HIPS dialog window, making it somewhat tricky to notice the PUA/PUP detections especially when installing/reinstalling programs where the user usually receives many HIPS prompts (if it's set to interactive mode), and this can affect the more careful user. Changing the color of the HIPS prompts to a different color can make it much easier to distinguish between the two different dialogs. Screenshots: The very similar HIPS and PUA dialogs: A quick mockup for the suggested change (HIPS dialog):
  3. Description: Exclusion list for Gamer Mode Detail: Exclusion list for Gamer Mode where the user can exclude certain programs from the automatic gamer mode feature without having to disable it all together and fall back to that manual way, this can be very useful if you run certain application(s) but as an exception you still want to be notified about any events, and carry on with scheduled tasks, etc. for any reason. Example: A user browse the web in Full Screen mode (F11) but still want ESS to display notifications about any events. Mockups:
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