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  1. Real-time : ESS, Zemana AntiLogger. On-demand : MBAM, HMP. Browser : FF24 + ABP, WOT, QuickJS. Virtualization : Sandboxie, ShadowDefender, VMWare. Encryption : TrueCrypt. Backup : Macrium Reflect. Rescue CD : ESET SysRescue, Kaspersky Rescue Disk, Avira Rescue System. Boot CD : Hiren's BootCD, Microsoft DaRT. Secure DNS : Comodo. Other : EMET, GMER, Panada USB Vaccine, AppLocker, Process Hacker, HMP.Alert. Notes: All programs are up-to-date and heavily optimized to ensure high security while maintaining usability and flexibility. There is also a long list of other programs and services I use occasionally as needed.
  2. I can't tell for sure, but it probably is a beta version of the module since there are some on-going issues with HIPS on Windows 8.1, so maybe they're pushing the latest available versions to address those issues.
  3. 1. ESET Training is only available for USA, Canada and the Carebians residents AFAIK. But I see that you have the training section, what's the exact problem? 2. Open ESS > Advanced setup (F5) > User interface > Access setup > Uncheck the 'Require full administrator rights for limited administrator accounts' option checkbox.
  4. Like Avast you mean with all the shields and modules? if Yes, then I would have to disagree, I have always thought that having everything tightly integrated is one of ESET's strong parts. But that has nothing to do with the choices in the menus though No I mean the program menu itself only, which is shown in 2nd screenshot in the OP initial post. Something like Windows Start Menu, where you can add/remove items from the menu.
  5. This isn't normal, I never seen Local Security Authority Process (lsass.exe) taking more than few MBs of memory during normal operation. Do you any chance have Anti-Theft feature enabled? If it is, then disable it and delete the user account it created, restart the computer then check your memory usage again, and post your findings please. If this wasn't it, then you may want to check the 'lsass.exe' process is the actual legit Windows process, it can also be a virus using the same process name. // EDIT Just noticed your edit, I can see a suspicious process in the screenshot you posted (user.exe): See: hxxp://www.threatexpert.com/files/user.exe.html Please verify if it's a legit process or not, e.g. upload it to VirusTotal, check it with ESET Live Grid, digital signature validity (if any), etc. VT: Task Manager > Right click the process > Open File Location > Copy it to desktop > Go to VirusTotal website and upload it (request re-analysis if the last analysis was long time ago). ESET Live Grid: Task Manager > Right click the process > Open File Location > Right-click the file > Advanced options > Check file reputation using ESET Live Grid I also recommend that you update ESS to latest available VSD, then run a full scan. And post back the results.
  6. It's hard to fulfill each user needs and still keep the program menu usable, each user can come up with a task he/she does so frequently and wants it to be right there for quick easy access. I think it would be nice if it was modular so each user can configure it the way he/she likes.
  7. Sounds fishy... @Arakasi See here: hxxp://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Operating-Systems-Software-Recovery/Email-from-Marc-Andersen-lt-research-hpcomputerlabs-com-gt/m-p/3033777
  8. I'm not sure what's the problem here, I was able to load the website with no issues. (FF24/ESS7/Win7) Please post the exact error you're receiving and/or a screenshot that demonstrates the issue, along with your operating system version, browser version, firewall (if any).
  9. I don't think you can buy from the international website, when you attempt to buy you'll be redirected to the appropriate/local store/reseller. But you can buy from any online retailer that offers international shipping if you wish (e.g. Amazon). Buy from whoever offers the best prices, be it in Croatia or elsewhere (if possible).
  10. You probably have enabled "Pre-release update" option in your previous installations, hence why that module was updated to 1009 (20130301), and as far as I remember it was released address certain issues in server products. According to ESET, this module doesn't need any improvements/updates, but for some reason people have 1006 (regular) and some others have 1007 (regular), not yet explained. Also, this module should not be confused with Real-time system protection functionality, which incorporates this modules and other modules to provide the protection.
  11. The above listed entries are for most part harmless leftovers, therefore it's not required to do any cleanup whether you upgraded using the in-product update or installed over the existing installation via online or offline installer.
  12. Try this: hxxp://support.microsoft.com/mats/Program_Install_and_Uninstall
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