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  1. Thank you Marcos for replying. I did what you advised and took the check mark out of "use automatic configuration script" It did not solve the problem.
  2. This message is being posted on my computer by ESET "http//webunstop.net/wpad.dat?9867908271178a5dd". I have no idea what it means or how to get rid of it.
  3. 1-4-2018 Tonight I followed your Icon to do a monthly update of windows 7 pro 64-bit. Then Microsoft said there was a compatibility error with Sandboxie. Therefor I will NEVER do another update of windows. The flag should be taken out of your icon. They have no right to tell me how to run my computer.
  4. Got a message saying I don't have permission for that. Who sent it and why don't I have permission/////////////
  5. Thank you for ESET. I on another HD have windows 7 pro 64-bit installed. On that OS I have ESET SS installed. On another drive on the same computer I am testing Windows 10. Can and how can I temporarily put ESET on the Windows 10 HD for testing purposes???? Any other info you need I will supply. Regards, Jack Shankle
  6. Never mind I have changed my mind. To much trouble to do this.
  7. Can I use the same ESET SS for both of these? The administrator will be used rarely and the guest account all the time. The administrator is only for fixing problems. Thankd for ESET
  8. Thanks Arakasi, Thought so and will delete Microsoft Security essentials
  9. Microsoft Security Essentials says I should turn off or delete other AVs. I don't want to turn off ESET SS. What are your thoughts and recommendations.
  10. I have a legit windows 7 pro 64-bit OEM with the key. I was reading that downloading from digitalriver is dangerous. I would download windows 7 full retail pro 64-bit which is in the ISO format. If I convert this to an ".exe", then scan the result with ESET SS then I should be safe? Right ? Please advise.
  11. My Puter seems to be working fine with ESET SS 7 64-bit. I friend sent me a disturbing email about Crtptolocker. I assume ESET has this baddy covered?
  12. Thanks guys for responding. The post by TGW contains the exact message I received {h30434} Jack
  13. 1st I am at present having no problems. Running ESET SS 7.0.302.0 64-bit Windows 7 pro 64-bit. Got a disturbing email from HP. They say there is a new dangerous virus called Blackmal. And they further say that the only one that effectively protects against this virus is Kaspersky. I take this message with a grain of salt and have done nothing in response to it. However, I would appreciate a response to this message either to me or on the ESET Web site. Do you know about it? Is it a fake message? Do I have any concerns? I can email the message I received form HP if you need to see it. Regards, Jack Shankle
  14. I somehow downloaded EAV_nt64_enu.msi instead of ess_nt64_enu.msi. on the ESET Beta 7 site. No Matter it is now fixed. I guess I will never understand why Nod32 exists when there is ESS SS.
  15. Thank you Marcos. Nice clear prompt answer. Will do as directed.
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