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AD Static Group Synchronization Trace info: SearchLdap: 'kinit' failed with 1, stdout: stderr: kinit:

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I have problem with Static Group Synchronization. I put all credentials. And when I check connection in


i get error

Error loading data: Active directory browsing failed. Check input server parameters and AD availability.: Trace info: SearchLdap: 'kinit' failed with 1, stdout: stderr: kinit: Cannot contact any KDC for realm 'ERA.LOCAL' while getting initial credentials 

All pings IP, DNS names works ok. Server is ova on virtualbox. Server join to windows server domain.



I wonder why error comunicate show  realm 'ERA.LOCAL'  should be ERA.domain?


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  • ESET Staff

You have not specified any installation details but in case it is ERA Virtual Appliance you are using, I would recommend to create snapshot and try to re-join domain (= reinitialize domain configuration). It is described in documentation in articles Rejoin domain and Configure domain.


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