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ESET Cyber Security version 6.4.128 has been released and is available to download

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ESET Cyber Security version 6.4.128 has been released and is available to download.

Upgrade ESET Cyber Security or ESET Cyber Security Pro to the latest version


  • Added: Keep alive ESET service

  • Added: GUI notification about not running ESET background service

  • Added: Hide tray icon (for example, icon in menu bar extras)

  • Added: OpenSSL replaced by Apple's native security framework

  • Added: Apple’s signed application has allowed access to network

  • Added: DMG is signed now for macOS 10.12+

  • Fixed: esets_proxy vulnerability

  • Fixed: SSL certificate vulnerability

  • Fixed: Old POCO XML parsing library vulnerability

  • Fixed: Installer vulnerability

  • Fixed: pam.d issue

  • Fixed: Zero Files Scanned on Hard Drive

  • Fixed: Web access protection blocking virtual machines

  • Fixed: Web protection - esets_proxy crash on nod_lmutex_destroy

  • Fixed: macOS crashes when opening http://localhost:57856/

  • Fixed: esets_proxy crash (LoopSocket()) if internet connection is disabled during threats downloading

  • Fixed: Error “no executable path found” causing apps to not load or block connections

  • Fixed: Cannot write to socket errors

  • Fixed: Cannot open WordPress web pages - problem in firewall functionality 

  • Fixed: FaceTime is blocked by firewall (default configuration)

  • Fixed: Shut down computer after scan - executed after 1 second

  • Fixed: Incorrect module name in about dialog

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

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