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Good evening,


I am pretty sure the logs are statically stored @ "C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\Logs" on Windows 7 in the form of DAT files.


You can easily view the logs in the program interface at Main Menu > Tools > Log Files ....

then choose Log: HIPS from the combobox and/or "drop down menu" and it will have line item entries of what HIPS is doing/recording.


Hope this helps.

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Do you have 'Log all blocked operations' checked?

Note: only use this for troubleshooting purposes.


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Thank you Arakasi and stackz,I see the log files now,just wanted to be sure it was functioning and recording.Its' working.Thank you very much.

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But don't keep the "log all blocked operations" enabled for long periods as it is only meant to be used when troubleshooting as stackz mention above.


Since if one keep it enabled all the time the log can quickly grow into several GB of data.


I thought it could be worth posting this incase anyone else have it enabled when they shouldn't :)

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