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Mail Server Protection - Non-functional - ESET Mail Security 4

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Hi All,

I am using ESET Mail Security version 4, no plan to update to new version now.

When I add new ESET Secure Business license to ESET Mail Security v.4, the functions  The thing is that the protection Status is still has a warning that the "Mail Server antivirus Protection is disabled". I cannot enable it in advanced setting because it is grayed...

Have anyone met this problem, please help to share your experience.

Thanks so much.




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  • ESET Insiders

I have had this problem once, when updating with new service packs for the exchange server.

You should really reconsider upgrading to a new version, at least upgrade to version 4.5 that looks and works just like the one you have now

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  • Administrators

EMSX v4.5 is not recommended for Windows 2008 and 2012 as its real-time protection is not compatible with these systems. According to your screen shot, I assume it's Windows Server 2003. Could you confirm?

Anyways, I'd strongly recommend upgrading to the latest EMSX 6.4 to take advantage of LiveGrid and other new malware and spam blocking features that it supports. Ela.eset.com serves for administering licenses for v6+ versions.

If you want to stay with v4.5 despite all its disadvantages, try removing the license files and adding just the license file that you have received with the last license email that you should have received after purchasing a renewal. Should the problem persist, contact customer care for further troubleshooting.

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Hi Marcos,

Thank you for your information. I am using Windows Server 2k8 64bit.

I upgraded to EMSX v.6. Everything is OK now.



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