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  1. Hi, I would like to use ESET Gateway Security on Linux but I don't know how to count the number license to buy? Please help guide how to sizing and count the license of ESET Gateway Security. Thanks,
  2. Hi Marcos, Thank you for your information. I am using Windows Server 2k8 64bit. I upgraded to EMSX v.6. Everything is OK now. Thanks,
  3. Hi All, I am using ESET Mail Security version 4, no plan to update to new version now. When I add new ESET Secure Business license to ESET Mail Security v.4, the functions The thing is that the protection Status is still has a warning that the "Mail Server antivirus Protection is disabled". I cannot enable it in advanced setting because it is grayed... Have anyone met this problem, please help to share your experience. Thanks so much.
  4. Hi All, I have problem when deploy the ESET offline update via Apache HTTP Proxy as diagram bellows: Endpoint (Offline, no permission go to Internet) --> Apache HTTP Proxy (ERA) --> Proxy Gateway --> update.eset.com Endpoint cannot connect to update.eset.com for updating 1. I base on Apache HTTP Proxy (ERA), ERA can download the signature database from update.eset.com. 2. If I change the diagram as: Endpoint (Offline, no permission go to Internet) --> Apache HTTP Proxy (ERA) --> update.eset.com Endpoint can update. Could you please share some your experience and advises on this issue? Thanks
  5. Hi All, I have the same error due to I changed IP address. If I changed IP address (DHCP, demo lab), which function will I change in ERAS? Thanks
  6. Hi, I have the same issue: "boost::filesystem::status: (0x5) Access is denied" From client, I can access share folder and run the installation package in shared folder. Have you got any solution? Thanks,
  7. Hi Tomas, Thank you for your information. With your way, I must go to each user and install, so it is not good idea. Thanks & Best Regards, Binh
  8. Hi Marcos, Thanks for your answer. If the client computer is not installed agent, how can you use the software installation task for install agent in the first time? My question is: I would like to install agent remotely from ERA server, and can I use the shared local folder for storing Agent.msi Thanks, Binh
  9. Hi Lind, Could you please share me the way to install the agent in the first time by the way "Deploy Agent remotely"? Due to when install the Agent remotely, the client computer must go to repository.eset.com to download *.msi package to install, so it is very slow. Can I download *.msi package and put it on C:\ProgramData\Apache HTTP Proxy\cache for the first installation? Thanks, Binh
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