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Bizarre problem Endpoint SEcurity 6.4.2014


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I have a web server on the local network. The webserver holds the data for a live feed due to reliability issues with my web hosting server.

The local network is a gigabit network and I use jumbo frames as I transfer large amount of data around on other bits of the network. So jumbo frames are enabled on all nics.

These work without issue I can transfer large files to server and back and no issue.

However if I wish to view the website the web pages located in public\cumulus won't load if I just type the web page address in.

If I simulate off network access by using vpn and hence no jumbo frame support the pages load.

To make more interesting if I go the top level pages will load e,g \public\test.html

Disable jumbo frames and the page loads without vpn.

Remove eset leaving jumbo frames enabled and the page loads without issues.

Reload eset and the pages work for a n hour or so then stop loading and time out.

Nothing in the eset logs.

Looking in the apache logs it shows the server getting the connection and the server sending the page.

Nothing listed in apache error log files.

So I know the issue is with Eset but what is the fix bar not using it.


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