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  1. Had to remove eset to test sophos for work. I've now re-installed it and will see if the issues return. The uninstaller failed to remove all instances of eset so it was still running and crashing before I manually removed all traces. Pretty annoying that virus companies still can't get it right when removing software.
  2. Mobile devices may have the random mac address enabled which may cause them to be detected as new devices.
  3. Lol Finally got around to doing this but couldn't submit the log file as it was larger than the permitted size. I think you need to look at either how large the log files get and split them or increase the permitted size on your ticket system. I guess they'll email me offering another way to submit the logs.
  4. I had a few problems using forticlient vpn version this morning and the mac froze up. Forticlient hung and basically I had to restart looking at the logs it seems that Eset crashed the process taking out operating system as well. The forticlient log had a quiet a few of these entries until a power off and restart fixed. Process: esets_fcor [862] Path: /Applications/ESET Cyber Security Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/esets_fcor Identifier: esets_fcor Version: 0 Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Proces
  5. After all that another laptop which hasn't got eset on it has started doing the same thing. However all the machines that I took eset off and back on again are still working. However the uninstaller issue is still relevant. Now got tog et my head round as to why nslookup is acting strange. I think of the router but then that should effect all windows, linux the same. Log files aren't available as I hadn't reloaded the draytek logger after a reboot. Eset was also blocking it.
  6. Windows 20h2 fully patched and secure boot is not supported on one and off on the other two. All using gpt and uefi. One was bitlocked. Two intel nuc's and one the other amd based 570 chipset. One nuc just runs apache web server and nothing else. This one survived the ordeal. The other just runs three weather programs some php to create graphs which get ftp's to the web server. None of the machines are overclocked and nuc's are running the latest drivers and bios and the amd is one bios version behind at the moment but has the latest drivers.
  7. Great uninstalled on the other two machines. One went okay the other broken the windows loader again. Even better it hadn't come up off and was still installed and just re ran the setup process. So removed again and this time it came off without breaking the windows loader. Then to rub things in it decided the I had used the license to many times. To be fair I forgot to remove a couple of devices. However it also duplicated a couple as well so call it fifty fifty. Marcos The msi hadn't been removed or tampered with and neither have the registry entries. Indeed the last machine i
  8. Nah it's just bad luck that bit. However having to use the tool 50 times shows work is needed in that area. Can't remember how many times I've used it but it's in double figures. You do realise next time you use it you'll corrupt the hard drive now you said it's job smoothly.
  9. well thats was a fun few hours. Eset removal from add remove programs didn't work so downlaod the removal tool rebooted into windows safe mode ran the uninstaller rebooted and the windows loader was toast boot of a usb stick to decrypt the volume create a new windows 10 dvd as my usb stick that has windows died this week and haven't go round to replacing it did the repair fix boot re-installed eset and nslookup still works. Hopefully an update will fix the other two over night otherwise another faff around as these are headless windows 10 installs a
  10. I noticed a problem tonight on all my computers running eset internet security version with the latest updates that ping nslookup are being partly blocked ipv6 works but I get dns time out for ipv4. After a lot of messing around I tried my linux and work laptops that aren't running eset and they can do nslookups properly. I then rtemoved eset from one machine and that now does nslookups. I'll try re-installing eset in a while after I done a virus scan with another tool just in case something has slipped through the net and it's not esets fault. Everything was working f
  11. Actually it wasn't an issue with eset as the issue happens after a while without eset installed. A strange one.
  12. I have a web server on the local network. The webserver holds the data for a live feed due to reliability issues with my web hosting server. The local network is a gigabit network and I use jumbo frames as I transfer large amount of data around on other bits of the network. So jumbo frames are enabled on all nics. These work without issue I can transfer large files to server and back and no issue. However if I wish to view the website the web pages located in public\cumulus won't load if I just type the web page address in. If I simulate off network access by using vpn and hence no jumbo f
  13. More a microsoft bug than than eset. This fixes it for me. Sometimes simply waiting several minutes like boiling a kettle allows the login screen to be displayed. his is a real shot in the dark, but try turning off Fast Startup... This feature only works when you do a SHUTDOWN and then Boot. It doesn't effect a RESTART. To turn it off or on... Go to Control panel...Power Options, and select Choose What the Power Buttons Do on the left. Then select Change Settings That are Currently Unavailable near the top center of screen... Lower down on the window, uncheck Fast Startup.
  14. Version 6.2.7 always improves the startup on osx. The long pause at the desktop seems to have gone now.
  15. Interesting that it has been released. Noticed a new version for osx as well.
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