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  1. It's not possible currently becouse Google is creating own mail policy (they are huge and they think that they can do this ) and reply for GL request is send from 1st free mail server not from this one where GL request was send, so the only thing which You can do is add all google mail adresses to list of ignored ( ofcourse it will also pass spam )
  2. Or You can try this: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3131
  3. Hi Please add: IGNORE_CONFLICTS=1 to push installation commands.
  4. Correct me if i didn't understand You - You want to see all logs from lower server ? If yes go in ERA to: tools/server options/replication and select here all what You want to be replicated for upper server
  5. Hi guys In ERA new task go to Firewall->settings->rules configuration and in tab Zones there is option add exceptions for protocol filtering (if it's not visible click: Add default ) Sorry if i made some mistranslation but i'm not sure how excacly it's in ENG ( Using polish )
  6. Did You preloaded antispam engine after making changes on list?
  7. You can create mirror hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN852 this is in case when You use ESET Remote Administrator, but mirror can be created by EES/EEA client also
  8. Hi karisi Propably lic fies were different :/ they must be excacly the same ( owner name etc ) Here is info from ERAS manual: ERAS is capable of selecting the most relevant license key and merging multiple keys into one. If there is more than one license key uploaded, ERAS will always try to find the key with the most clients and furthest expiration date. The ability to merge multiple keys works if all keys are owned by the same customer. Merging licenses is a simple process which creates a new key containing all clients involved. The expiration date of the new license key becomes the expiration date of the key that would expire first. it's avilable on 84 page of ERAS manual Regards Bart
  9. Hi Please don't forget that ekrn.exe is connected with any process runing on Your machine also which is connecting with domains ( http scanning ) so sugestion is that You should generate sysinspector log and check machine connections - here You will see what is the real connection source
  10. Hi Steve You can add many lic files to ERAS and it will use these which will be needed - ofcourse license must be generate for one customer also solution which sugested karlisi is OK but as i wrote - you can import many licences using license manager (CTRL+L)
  11. Hi Joe - don't worry - just in installation wizzard select Advaced installation, in one of steps You will se info do you want to keep current settings -> just select it and everything will work fine, remember as karlisi wrote that You will have to create new policies for v5. The current cfg from v4 can be easy migrated to v5 - when You export cfg from v4 open it in some editor (ex. Notepad++) and edit it. On the top of this file You will see string: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ESET> <SECTION ID="1000105"> ----> this is for v5 (Endpoints) in Your exported cfg file You will have other number - just change last number to 5 and endpoint will accept settings from v4 - ofcourse only these which are avilable in v4 and v5
  12. Hi Wouldn't be easier to just push installation via ERA on these machines? - push installation to all unregistered machines with IGNORE_CONFLICTS=1 command ?
  13. Hi temmu Try this: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN741&locale=en_US it will reset local ERA password and after this try to connect to ERAS
  14. @Rado - there is tool for this - it's ESET Sysrescue - yep You need to have access to device but in case of emergency it's better to have something like this than nothing
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