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  1. The behavior is the machine is hung. Mouse pointer works, but nothing will launch or run. You can restart the PC, but then you can never get to the desktop as it will never make it past the spinning loading icon .. which will spin indefinitely. There is nothing unusual to KVM as the VM boots normally as far as it can tell, but once the spinning cycle starts, the CPU, Disk I/O and memory flatline to 0% as it's hung aside from the spinning logo. None of the recovery tools will work- command prompt, system restore, startup troubleshooter... none of it works. As there is no way to boot the system, there is no way to make the registry changes needed to create a crash dump and even if there were, there is no way to get to the system aside from a command prompt from DVD image to get to it. Also, as this was done in another region, we're already re-imaging these VMs as they are needed on Monday. We're checking other region IT managers to see if any of them happen to have an older setup kit for 6.4.XXXX as there appears to be no archive with ESET?
  2. Help! We're in desperate need of anyone that has a mirror for the 6.4.X version of ESET Endpoint Security v6 as the newest upgrade has DESTROYED all of our KVM guests to the point of no return. We've lost several VM's and can reproduce 100% that after the newest V6.5.2094.0, the system is rendered totally unusable with NO method to restore... so we are starting to completely re-install but there is no "older version" download link for V6. The prior V6.4.X versions work without issue. To reproduce- create ANY KVM guest with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with VIRTIO disk device. Install the ESET EndPoint AV V6.5.2094.0 download... system will no longer reboot or work after the install completes. NO restoration options will work- not even system restore. The system is now 100% bricked. We simply need a link to an older install so as we can get systems bricked back and running by Monday morning... if our option is to use no AV/Security for business users.. seems pretty moronic to stay with such a product. We've already lost hundreds of hours over the years from failings with their "M-F Central European time" support hours for anything aside from "turn your computer on and back off again" style of support... as in executives with NO working device from Friday at noon until Monday afternoon. This is really terrible support... despite our willingness to pull in 4-5 IT workers over the weekend to perform system re-images and data restores over a simple upgrade.... Thanks to anyone that can help us find an older deployment!
  3. Oh I am very well versed with apache httpd, which i why I think it's strange that the mirror is only available on Windows... when apache is almost "standard" on Linux. But having Apache running on some different port for updates is simple enough, but where is the software that will automatically pull-down virus definition updates from ESET? As well as create the delta-style files so clients know the delta for their definition version vs. current to know what files to pull down? That is the part I need... obviously it will need to authenticate to ESET and mirror the definitions for multiple products.. (Linux, Windows, Mobile, Mac, etc.)....
  4. Thanks for the help bbahes! I was still unable to get any cert + CA I would create using the web console to work under CentOS, so I finally dug deeper and found that you can specify the cert and CA passphrases, so I uninstalled and completely re-installed specifying the passphrase and the auto-made certs + CA's now work. The Agent is now running fine on the server and setup kits made on the Web Console also now work properly too. I'm also baffled that there is no Apache Proxy for Linux? So if I want to make an update mirror, I need to drag a Windows box around... not to mention it using apache httpd? That is just... ugh. Lastly, we have several users that use OpenVPN.... they are all showing up as the openvpn server vs. their PC name. So now 4 days of pulling my hair out and looks like this upgrade isn't ready for prime-time.
  5. I am still completely stuck on getting this to work... When you install the server and web console, it produces 3 certs and 1 CA by default. Every thread I've read says to use those since any new certs/ca's made seem to be broken at the moment... So how do I figure out what the passphrase/cert-password is for the auto-generated Agent cert for installing the Agent on the server? If this is the only one that allegedly works, then what is the passphrase it has chosen? If I try to create new ones, the Agent will install but then wont work with error messages littering all over the internet saying to use the "canned" ones... but what is the passphrase/cert pass to try this? Thanks
  6. Greetings, I have the eraserver and web console working perfectly but very confused by the documentation on what I need to do to get the Agent installed. From the documentation, I need to create a certificate then install the Agent. In the Web Console, I see there are already 3 certificates that are under the license manager... if I perform the steps in the guide to create a new one, I can no longer even get the eraserver service to start-up.... From the docs- # ./Agent-Linux-x86_64.sh \ --skip-license \ --cert-path=/home/Admin/Desktop/agent.pfx \ --cert-auth-path=/home/Admin/Desktop/CA.der \ --cert-password=N3lluI4#2aCC \ --hostname=hostname \ --port=2222 Does this imply I need to create a user (such as "Admin" ?) as well as locate the pfx/der files for the certificates already in my easerver? Also, where can I find the password for the cert? It appears these three were generated during the installation process and trying to tamper with them only will make the easerver service fail to start.. Is there a more simple/straight-forward guide to installing this? Also, how do I setup the connection parameters once this is done as I have about 80-100 clients running v5 of ESET that use credentials to obtain updates... am I going to need to upgrade them all to v6 to use the new v6 RAS? Thanks in advance!
  7. Update- I just created a new update profile, put our username/password and set server to "Choose Automatically" so as it could try updating over the internet to ESET's update servers. It took a bit longer, obviously, but fails in the same place - 19/21. So this seems to be an issue with ESET not our ERA server as their own servers are exhibitting the same behavior.
  8. This problem is happening solely on the ERA server with update mirror. All our clients update from the mirror. When connecting to the mirror, any new installs fail at update 19/21 when updating from the ERA server with mirror. I should also mention the client I'm working on right now is on the same subnet/switch as the ERA mirror server so there is no routing or anything in-between to cause this. Thanks for the suggestions so far! This is a strange issue...
  9. Yes, yesterday and I just did it again right now... same result. It's almost as though there is either some limit on how many updates at a time or something on the Windows server that is being exceeded but I see nothing in the Event Viewer to suggest a limit has been reached.
  10. Hello, We have RA Server version and the client 5.0.2237.2 setup kits. Upon installing the 5.0.2237.2 client, none of our new installs will update. It says there are 21 updates and they all fail consistently on 19/21. I can try over and over again and it's the same thing- 19/21 and abort/fail. I see nothing on our RA Server logs concerning the failure and we're dead in the water as we can no longer use our remaining seats/licenses as the 5.0.2237.2 clients will not update on fresh installs. The 6.X client is out of the question as it asks for activation immediately and what we use is an XML configuration file post-installation and 6.X client is a poop-screw for changing everything around for us ESET Business users. Any help on how to diagnose or repair this update problem will be appreciated, or at least some way to possibly bypass the first-launch activation with no way to import a config file for v6.X client (which I'm assuming has more recent definitions so as it may update correctly). Thanks!
  11. Hey, thanks for the speedy reply! I will contact our reseller to see if they can create this 'embedded license' with both products + seats for our ERAS as this is the preferred option. I'm assuming that with this embedded license that the EFSW mirror options will automagically appear in the ERAS advanced options and we can start mirroring these updates through ERAS. Thanks again!
  12. Greetings, We currently have ESET Remote Administrator + Console V5.0.242.0 with 65 seats for EEA (ESET Endpoint Antivirus). After speaking with Sales, we were instructed that for our Windows servers, the File Security product is a better solution and we should be able to add seats of this to our existing infrastructure, so we acquired a license of 5 seats for EFSW (ESET File Security for Windows Server) to try adding to our Remote Administrator. If I try to push the new 5 seat license up to our Remote Administrator Server, it says it will choose the appropriate license/accepts it, but I see nothing in the mirror area to add ESFW mirror? Can the Remote Administrator use two licenses like this or do we need another ERA server+console for the server products? OR can we simply use the 5-seat license stand-alone and key in the username/password so these 5 servers can update directly to ESET vs. our Remote Administrator? Thanks in advance for any tips or insights!
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