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  1. Hi there, I upgraded a customer to Mail Security 6.3 last week and since then lots of legit emails are being detected as spam. What I've noticed in the logs is the entry "URL (domain.com) found on cloud blacklist", with domain.com being the customers own domain name, and it's affecting reply emails, so Eset is picking the domain name out of the email signature I'm guessing. The thing is I cannot find what blacklist this domain is on and I am not convinced it is one. I spoke to Eset support and he couldn't find it any blacklists and also couldn't tell me what the 'cloud blacklist' is, I've added the domain to 'Ignored Body Domain list' which has made no difference. I'm not using any RBL or DNSBL servers. Can anyone offer any help or advice? Thanks.
  2. I have a question regarding mail security I have a SBS 2011 server with ESET Nod32 anti-virus which has worked well for a number of years but my users are experiencing high amounts of spam if I install Eset mail security will this replace the A/V ? Jason
  3. Hi, I have installed esets-4.5.5-5.x86_64 on CentOS 6.8. My license is Eset Main Security. After starting up the esets daemon the Anti Virus database is updated the successfully and I can see that emails are scanning for virus and working properly. But I am getting an error : esets_daemon[7825]: error[1e910000]: Cannot reload as scanner setup: Not supported and it seesm that Anti Spam feature is not working. Can anyone guide me what does this error means and how can I enable the anti spam feature and updating the anti spam rules ? _Hamid
  4. i faced a problem in a server 2008 r2 where eset file security was installed. client has not downloaded any mail. Is anybody can give solution for this? Please reply as soon as possible.. I have attached the pic... Desciption of the problem : User cannot login into windows. This error occurs with the starting of the pc. We have tried to login into SAFE MODE, SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING, LAST KNOWN BOOT CONFIGURATION AND NORMALLY. But no positive result was found....
  5. I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and purchased SMart Security 9. I use Mail V 17.6416.42001.0, IMAP. The antispam doesn't seem to be working, I'm getting plenty of spam that I've avoided for years, and I don't even have the option to mark something as spam. Under the Protection Statistics for email client protection and email client antispam protection it shows that nothing is even being scanned, all objects equal 0. Do I have to enable antispam through an option somewhere? Is windows 10 Mail not supported? Please advise. I've tried re-installing ESET SS9 to see if it would help, but it is still the same.
  6. There is no spamcatcher.conf the manual said to migrate settings manually to new version but there is no instructions on how to do this. We want to set the anti-spam threshold score & send spam to a special mailbox
  7. Aloha, I'm running Mail Security for Exchange on Exchange 2010 and have turned on greylisting, which has helped a lot. However, I'm trying to see if I can "speed up" the greylisting process for legitimate e-mail. I'm constantly watching the greylist tab via ERAC, and have a whitelist policy I push out via ERAC that I update whenever I notice greylisting has caught a client, but it doesn't seem to matter to the greylist engine. We have a few clients whose provider uses the hostedmail.com e-mail service, specifically, their e-mails keeps coming from "smtprelay.b.hostedmail.com" which has multiple IP addresses. The problem I run into is the initial e-mail comes from that host via one particular IP address, gets rejected (as per greylist design), but the 2nd attempt to resend the mail comes back via a whole new IP address, starting the greylisting process over again! Is it possible to tell EMSX to allow email from that host no matter the IP, or do I really need to track down all the IP addresses associated with that host, so that the greylist engine won't hold up legit emails any longer then needed? Mahalo!
  8. Hi, I am having issues with my outlook 2010 whereby new emails are going into 'draft mode', and are a pain to return to normal. (If anyone has experience with this issue advice is greatly appreciated!) After weeks of research I am fairly confident the issue is caused by a combination of Eset outlook integration, and having multiple users access the same accounts on multiple computers. My question is twofold - Can I remove all Eset integration with outlook (email scanning, anti-spam), without putting too big a hole in my security? I understand that any viruses or malware will still be picked up by other Eset components. Secondly - When I have attempted to disable the integration to test the solution to my issue, Eset is constantly telling me that my emails are not protected and anti-spam is disabled - is there anyway to tell Eset that yes, I am aware of this, but it is intentional and I do not need to see the red exclamation mark. Kind regards, Joshua Edit - This is the only other reference to the issue I am having I could find on the forum. Note a lack of a fix or workaround! - https://forum.eset.com/topic/989-email-message-in-outlook-changed-to-draft-by-eset/?hl=draft
  9. Hi, I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and ESET Smart Security 9. It appears that ESET isn't protecting me from spam or scanning my emails? Under Smart Security 9 "Protection Statistics"---> Email client protection, and Email client antispam protection, it shows that nothing has been scanned at all, and I'm getting hammered with all kinds of spam. I'm using Windows 10 mail v. 17.6416.42001.0, do I need to activate something? is this mail version not supported or something? Please advise, I haven't had to deal with spam for years until I upgraded to Smart Security 9.
  10. Hi, Following files getting created in SQL Jobs automatically. ESET File Security 6 installed on system was not able to detect same. Other antivirus programs are able to detect same. cook.exe, dbdotas dbdotas2 ftpbacks.exe install.exe kills.exe kugou2010 macs.exe pdoors.exe 1regs.exe regsa.exe
  11. Hi! Why there is no opportunity to make spam rule "When message body" contains "phrase" then "set SCL" to "x" in Eset Mail Security for Exchange ver 6.2? Is there any/good workaround for that problem?
  12. My client has an issue with spam continuing to make it past the anit-spam engine. Most spam that makes it through has a score of 50 and the following message: "Non-specific spam indicator (100%)" I searched the forums and found only one related topic: https://forum.eset.com/topic/3773-mails-with-images/ I don't believe my issue has anything to do with signatures like the original poster in the forum thread above, however, i made the same configuration change to see if that helps. I also blocked the domain for one of the most common offenders. My question revolves around the setup options here: Antispam Engine -> Setup -> Options -> Automatic Configuration I couldn't find any documentation on what the various options are. Specifically, what is the difference between "Focused on minimizing FP" and "Focused on maximizing the success rate". Also, what does "FP" stand for? Thank you.
  13. Outlook 2010 32 bit on a win 7 64 bit with ESET Smart security 8 ESET is not catching spam, but if I click the ESET menu item and tell it to rescan already scanned messages, it catches them and moves to the junk folder just fine. The automatic scan isn't working I guess, but as far as I know it is set up properly. What have I missed? Thanks! Al
  14. Hi We have email security for exchange installed and it is performing well in filtering out spam. It does from time to time miss out on some spam emails which users get to their mailbox. Since on the end points we have endpoint security installed, I was wondering if there is any reason I should not turn on the spam protection in the end point and integrate it into Outlook. This way spam users can reclassify and submit missed spam and also have another layer of protection if by any chance the exchange module missed something (or if the user is downloading emails from another account that is not exchange). When installing the product I think that eset told me to disable the email protection on the end point but I am not sure. Anyway, is there any reason not to run anti spam both on the exchange server and on end points?
  15. For ESET Endpoint Security - Anti Spam features Users have been using the Outlook Junk Email settings to block the spammers. Is there anyway to import the list from the Junk Email list of Block Senders into ESET User's blacklist? User just switch from Symantec and been complaining that they are getting more spam mails than ever after installing ESET Endpoint Security. Please advise way to improve the spam mail features in ESET Endpoint Security. Please help....
  16. Hello! Is there a tech guide where I can find some more help? I want to understand how to use antispam rules. I cannot find any help about to build my own custom rules files. ...is there a more verbose manual than this??? Is it possible to give a negative offset to those emails containing some words o phrases? Ex: I want that all emails containing "this phrase is good" to be more easily considered as HAM. Is it possible? Thank you, Fabio
  17. After installing ESET Smart Security, Windows Live Mail shows an ESET option in the e-mail context menu. This option has disappeared after a reboor. Playing with the email client integration settings and rebooting does not help. What should be adjusted in Windows and/or ESET te resolve this ?
  18. Question 1 I think this is the simplest question, but I found no explicit answer to it so I'm asking it now. You give instructions how to submit a phishing mail or website that the anti-phishing module misses. But my question is, should I also submit spam mails to samples @ eset.com? Should I add "spam mail" in this case to the subject? Related: How to submit a malware or a website? Question 2 I simply saw a strange setting in ESS (v7 and higher) and so I'd like to ask what this is... What does this "advanced anti-spam feature" and why isn't it enabled by default? Question 3 This may be also a suggestion, but take it as you like. I'm talking about the outlook addon (from the anti-spam protection) which filters spam and phishing mails. At first it is a bit confusing (especially for new ESET users) what is the difference between your spam and your phishing protection. I will say it here shortly - If I'm wrong then please correct me: The phishing protection is a kind of websites filter that protects you against phishing and scam websites. The spam protection is an email-filter. It needs the automatic installed add-on for your email-client to work. It filters spam and phishing mails. Maybe you should rename the spam protection to mail protection (or something like this), because it also protects against phishing mails, but what I want to ask is something different. Why not make a button "Mark as spam/phishing and submit to ESET" or an option to automatically submit the mails if they are marked as spam/phishing from the user, so you can improve the detection. Maybe this could be integrated into ESET LiveGrid...?
  19. Hi, is there a way to disable a unused system task? In Eset Mail Security I disabled the spam protection module (client and server) because we don't need it. After that I have received and will again and again an email "there is an update error on spam rules" (a bad (?) translation from 'Beim Aktualisieren der Spam-Schutz-Regeln ist ein Fehler aufgetreten') every 30 minutes. I can delete the system task and everything is fine. But only till the next reboot. The task is reinstalled again. Not a big issue. I could create an Outlook rule. But maybe there is a way in ESET? Thanks Bernd
  20. We have been receiving and excessive amount of spam (although ESET Mail Security has been filtering it), so I thought I'd try enabling greylisting. Doing so has drastically reduced the amount of spam that is coming in to our server. My issue is that it is also blocking local SMTP requests as well. We have a program that runs on WS 2012 R2 with Remote Desktop Services. This program accesses a SQL database from a separate WS 2012 R2 running SQL 2012. When a user attempts to send an email from our program, the request is sent from the SQL server to our Exchange server (WS 2012 R2 running Exchange 2013 SP1). I have a receive connector enabled on the Exchange server for this relay. It is setup for TLS with permissions for anonymous users (settings required for SMTP from our aforementioned program), it will only receive mail from the SQL server, and it is only bound to the IPv4 address of the Exchange server through port 25. The setup for the relay is correct and works great when greylisting is disabled. That being said, is there a way to configure ESET Mail Security to allow this relay while having greylisting enabled?
  21. Hi Recently after loading EMS for linux renew license (.lic), using web interface, the interface stop working and so the MTA, postfix. It was not possible to send/receive any email and if I tried to reset esets_daemon (command /etc/init.d/esets_daemon reset), it never stops, I waited even for two hours and it never happened. As a matter of fact, I decided to uninstall EMS using the next commnad: rpm -e --nonscripts esets-rsr, after this, installed EMS again, import the new licence file again, entered user name and password of new license into esets.cfg file, started esets_daemon and everything worked fine. Then setup EMS as MTA content filter with the script /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_setup (as EMS was before). The problem came out when I selected the option "Anti-spam action: scan" inside SMTP configuration, using EMS web interface, the problem mentioned before, appeared again, hence the server wasn't able to send/receive email. I had to deactivate "Anti-spam action: scan", stopped esets_daemon using kill -9 PID command, and start esets_daemon again (etc/init.d/esets_daemon start) Screen captures of maillog, while the problem was present are attached, and as you would see, all mails were diferred. Product versions used are described below: - EMS for Linux 3.0.22 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 (Santiago) - Linux 2.6.9-103.ELsmp #1 SMP Fri Nov 11 14:34:02 EST 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux - MTA Postfix Any advice would be appreciated. Good regards.
  22. Please help, some messages has been identified as SPAM but they are Mail Delivery Report with blank Return Path <>. Your message was successfully delivered to the destination(s) listed below. If the message was delivered to mailbox you will receive no further notifications. Otherwise you may still receive notifications of mail delivery errors from other systems. Microsoft Mail Internet Headers Version 2.0 ... Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 08:33:35 -0300 (BRT) From: MAILER-DAEMON@xxxxxx.com (Mail Delivery System) Subject: [SPAM] Successful Mail Delivery Report To: ivart@treknet.com.br Auto-Submitted: auto-replied Return-Path: <> X-OriginalArrivalTime: 08 Apr 2014 11:33:52.0097 (UTC) FILETIME=[6AAE5D10:01CF531E] X-EsetResult: clean, is OK X-EsetId: 0A3CDD3EDCC33A375F7085 X-ESET-AS: SCORE=81
  23. Hi, It's installed EMS for Linux 3.0.22, it's working fine but, recently, it has received some spam, apparently is coming from an email account, belonging to the organization, but the user of that email, is not sending them. I know this is a brief description of the issue, but let me know if you need more details, EMS configuration seems to be fine, and also have some spam samples. Thank you in advance for your attention and any help would be appreciated.
  24. Hi, I have the next question: Is EMSX 4.5 able to scan outboun traffic on Microsoft Exchange (2010)?I've been receiving lots of notifications in some mailboxes of my organization, mails that haven't been send by the users of those mail accounts, so it seems, that somebody, someway, is sending spam in name of us (spoofing). What are doing to solve this issue is to see the headers of this notifications, an add the ip address where it comes from, to blocked ip's in EMSX and this solves the issue temporarily, but after some days or weeks, the issue occurs again. So it seems,, that outbound email is not being scanned by EMSX Antispam module, at least in its default configuration. Any advice will be appreciated.
  25. Hello. How can i delete items in the antispam-log? I didn´t found any option to do that. ESET Endpoint Security for Andoid DB: 3.1349 Thanx 4 help
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