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    Guilhermesene received kudos from micasayyo in Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Internet Security, ESET Smart Security Premium and ESET Ultimate Security   
    All I want are two basic things:
    - More fluid and faster graphical interface as it was in the older versions like v14 and v15 (nowadays the performance of the graphical interface of the main window has dropped mainly).
    - More simplified purchasing plans (subscriptions) as it used to be like NOD32, EIS AND ESSP (simple, direct and objective) (today it's a bit confusing)
    - That it remains as it always was (without bloatware and unnecessary items)
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    Guilhermesene received kudos from antoniu200 in What is the Design on the New ESET Startup Screen and Packaging?   
    Unfortunately, to this day I can't figure out what the new image that appears when you start the AV product is. Still, I love ESET and I've been a subscriber for 3 uninterrupted years, without any infections, but I confess that I miss the slightly older ESET where there was less bloat (VPN among other things), the interface was faster (the latest updates have dropped the performance of the graphical interface a lot - there's another thread about this besides me) and the changes in general were smaller but always with a focus on security.
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    Guilhermesene gave kudos to Marcos in Subscription: ESET HOME Security Premium is (still) shown as ESET Smart Security Premium   
    ESET Home Security Premium is the name of the subscription that entitles you to use ESET's applications ESET Smart Security Premium, ESET Internet Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus.
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    Guilhermesene gave kudos to Marcos in ESET Push Notification Server Service   
    There's a newer version of the Direct cloud communication module 1136 on the pre-release update channel which will display the notification about EPNS issues only if they are on user's end.
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    Guilhermesene gave kudos to Andrej in ESET Security Ultimate   
    I have been using Eset for 15 years. I have a three-year license for Smart Security Premium. I've tried a lot of different VPNs over the past two years. It's all one big disaster. Except Mullvad. It works at lightning speed, has low latency. In short, superb.  I advise everyone to use Eset in combination with Mullvad VPN. It's not cheap, but neither is Eset. I pay for superior service when I use Eset and Mullvad. All American antiviruses are a real disaster. They only have good ratings because they invest huge amounts of money in paid tests. Americans are not trustworthy either. I would never trust Americans with my information. ones are ok, but none come close to Eset in my experience. The same goes for VPN. For example, Mozilla uses Mullvad VPN because it is the most trusted VPN on the market right now.
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    Guilhermesene gave kudos to Marcos in Help Choosing Between ESET Internet Security and Sophos Home   
    If you want to get extra protection with ESET LiveGuard that submits file for analysis in an isolated cloud sandbox and postpones execution until a verdict is received, go for ESET Security Premium.
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    Guilhermesene gave kudos to cyberhash in Help Choosing Between ESET Internet Security and Sophos Home   
    Easily answered ... just get yourself ESET's product. I gave up trying other vendors software a long long time ago as there was always many reasons that brought me back to ESET every time. You get a free trial anyway , so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain
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    Guilhermesene gave kudos to itman in CoinMiner detected   
    A hell of a lot more functionality.
    For starters, it has full wildcard support. It's custom rules support detection and parsing of command line paths, etc. etc.. Also, a newer feature is whitelisting via Trusted Publisher specification.
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    Guilhermesene gave kudos to SeriousHoax in ESET Security For Windows Slow!   
    Similar experience here for many years. Sometimes the initial update is fast, but most of the time it's very slow. My average download speed is 3.2 MB/s, but ESET's initial update most of the time speeds between 20-80 KB/s for me. 
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    Guilhermesene gave kudos to Minimalist in ESET Security For Windows Slow!   
    I reinstall Eset frequently and initial definition update can be slow. Sometimes it takes few seconds (that's rarely) to download update, other times it can take even few minutes.
    I believe it's a problem of their CDN provider. Their network speeds are not stable. At least not here where I live.
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    Guilhermesene received kudos from Peter Randziak in antivirus version 15.0.6   
    I know I don't usually post replies here on the forum, but I came to thank the whole ESET team. I have been an ESET customer for over 4 years, and honestly I found this version great, it is very stable on my machine, I could also notice that it left the machine faster.
    Regarding LiveGuard, in my humble point of view we have to let the new protection module “mature” because it is still very premature to have a concrete position on how good is the new feature provided by the ESET team. Anyway, this post is to thank the ESET team, because I am using ESET Smart Security (with a 3-year subscription) and it is great, even more with this new feature.
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    Guilhermesene gave kudos to Peter Randziak in Passord Manager 3 troubles   
    Yes as I mentioned earlier, it should be fixed in the upcoming 3.0.6 release of the extensions.
    I'm checking the planned release date with the guy responsible...
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    Guilhermesene gave kudos to ajtopcat in Smart Security Premium V14 and new Password Manager issues   
    Hi Marcos,
    Thank you for your reply but I think you've missed my point.  The guide you suggest shows you how to import either json or unprotected xml files, neither of which were the standard day to day recommended backup method for V2, which was protected .spdb files - you cannot import those.  Had I been warned of the incompatibility prior to the system upgrading I could've saved an xml file but by time that became apparent it was too late.  I did contact customer service regarding this and queried how a .spdb file could be converted but after an initial response pointing me to a similar guide, I have heard nothing, despite a couple of prompts.  Whilst I appreciate ESET would be keen to release V14/V3, it feels as though the potential knock on impact of a sudden lack of iOS compatibility and potential loss of previous passwords has been poorly thought through.
    I only upgraded to Smart Security Premium a month ago to get the Password Manager feature and am now wondering if it was a wise move after all.  Having used ESET for many years with no issues this is somewhat disappointing.
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    Guilhermesene gave kudos to Ladderman in Passord Manager 3 troubles   
    I'm still getting the same error,twice in one day Grrr.
    Is there any update to this problem.
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