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  1. I understand. This wouldn't work for me as I couldn't use IE as default (I would have to copy paste all links from email client instead of just clicking on them and similar)...
  2. Hm, I don't know how many people actually use IE as default browser. If so, they would also use it for browsing so there would be no separation of browsers. Regarding IE - I just prefer to use it that way. Bank uses personal certificate for identification and I imported it to Windows certificate store and it's not accessible by Firefox. So using IE jthat way makes sense to me. I've had option to select which browser will be protected in previous AV solution so I thought I'll give a suggestion here.
  3. Description: FW option evaluate rules from Windows Firewall Detail: In Advanced setup of Firewall set to Automatic mode there is an option Also evaluate rules from Windows firewall. As described this option will allow inbound traffic allowed by Windows firewall. For me it would be useful to have an option that will also evaluate blocked outbound rules in Windows firewall. This way those rules wouldn't have to be recreated when migrating from Windows native firewall to ESET's. I apologize if any of both suggestions have already been posted.
  4. Description: Non-default browser for Banking and Payment protection Detail: It would be nice if we could set non-default browser to be used for banking protection when secure browser is run from main screen or using desktop shortcut. I use Firefox for day-to-day browsing (it's set as default) and Internet explorer for online banking and similar. I can launch protected IE if I navigate to banking website from within IE and then switch to secure browser when asked. If I launch secure browser from desktop it will always launch Firefox and as it seems that there is no option to set non-defaul
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