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    Minimalist received kudos from NewbyUser in Anti-phishing Protection Issue   
    Yes, I tested it and get same results here. If DOH is enabled I get no alert, when disabled alert returns (using Cloudflare or Quad9).
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    Minimalist gave kudos to itman in Anti-phishing Protection Issue   
    As far as I am concerned, there's an issue with Firefox's SecureDNS; i.e. DNS-over-HTTPS.
    Remember I previously reset Firefox. Then Eset was detecting this web site OK. Today, I noticed that DNS-over-HTTPS was not enabled in Firefox, so I enabled it. When I subsequently accessed this phishing web site, Eset didn't alert. Then I disabled DNS-over-HTTPS and Eset alerted.
    Also as far as Firefox's SecureDNS, weird things are going on. When I enable it and test on Cloudflare's test web site, https://www.cloudflare.com/ssl/encrypted-sni/ , strange things happen. First, it doesn't detect SecureDNS. Then on retest, it does detect it.
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    Minimalist received kudos from Nightowl in Reputation of Programs.   
    Thank you for suggestion. I've tried both in past but prefer using uTorrent. My comment was just meant to show that even non-malicious processes can sometimes be shown in red.
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