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  1. Hello good day! I need help, I have been unable to save new passwords in Eset Password Manager for over a month. I'm tired of sending e-mail to support and they return that they will call my home phone and never call. The problem is that I bought the license for 3 years (until 2022) but it keeps giving an error saying that my license has expired and not only that the password manager website also gives an error and says I should contact the administrator (the license being my personal). I am desperate, I have been using ESET for several years and I am always renewing it, more this time I am disappointed because I bought the most expensive product from the company and the support is terrible. I attach the errors that are appearing on my screen. License ID: 3AH-HBK-2BT Remembering that it is not a Windows clock problem because I already formatted the machine about 3x and the error always remains. Other than that my computer is new, there is no battery problem. Can anybody help me? Thanks.
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