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  1. Hi Peter. I don't know if I did the orientation that you said in the post a little bit higher. But I put some pictures for you to take a look at, I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible as it is a boring mistake. NOTE: I am using only the ESET password manager Thanks.
  2. @Peter Randziak Any updates for this issue? It is sad that this is happening while I am using Bitwarden.
  3. In my opinion the old password manager was much better, simple and efficient. In addition to working perfectly without bugs in the login fields.
  4. Hi. I also have the same problem as you, this problem is really annoying, especially the error that occurs that all the password manager screen goes blank. In my case this problem occurs in the Google Chrome browser. This discouraged me a little from ESET Smart Security as I bought the 3 year ESET subscription precisely because of the password manager that I always liked. Right now I'm using Bitwarden to replace it as long as there is no fix for it (I hope they fix this problem soon).
  5. Hello good day! I need help, I have been unable to save new passwords in Eset Password Manager for over a month. I'm tired of sending e-mail to support and they return that they will call my home phone and never call. The problem is that I bought the license for 3 years (until 2022) but it keeps giving an error saying that my license has expired and not only that the password manager website also gives an error and says I should contact the administrator (the license being my personal). I am desperate, I have been using ESET for several years and I am always renewing it, more th
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