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  1. All I want are two basic things: - More fluid and faster graphical interface as it was in the older versions like v14 and v15 (nowadays the performance of the graphical interface of the main window has dropped mainly). - More simplified purchasing plans (subscriptions) as it used to be like NOD32, EIS AND ESSP (simple, direct and objective) (today it's a bit confusing) - That it remains as it always was (without bloatware and unnecessary items)
  2. Unfortunately, to this day I can't figure out what the new image that appears when you start the AV product is. Still, I love ESET and I've been a subscriber for 3 uninterrupted years, without any infections, but I confess that I miss the slightly older ESET where there was less bloat (VPN among other things), the interface was faster (the latest updates have dropped the performance of the graphical interface a lot - there's another thread about this besides me) and the changes in general were smaller but always with a focus on security.
  3. Forgive me for my mistake 🫤. It's a shame it was discontinued as it was another great cleaning tool.
  4. Maybe this will help 🙂 ESET SysRescue Live
  5. I know I don't usually post replies here on the forum, but I came to thank the whole ESET team. I have been an ESET customer for over 4 years, and honestly I found this version great, it is very stable on my machine, I could also notice that it left the machine faster. Regarding LiveGuard, in my humble point of view we have to let the new protection module “mature” because it is still very premature to have a concrete position on how good is the new feature provided by the ESET team. Anyway, this post is to thank the ESET team, because I am using ESET Smart Security (with a 3-year subscription) and it is great, even more with this new feature.
  6. Good evening. I would like to know if the default settings of ESET with only the options "Cleanliness Level: Always fix infections" are sufficient to avoid most current ransomware and malware and even the oldest ones? I put these links below the ESET website that I found and implemented in my ESET Smart Security and I would like to know from the most experienced users if this already makes me well protected. Note: I mainly implemented the second and third links Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 I would also like to know if these implementations mainly in HIPS affect the performance of the device. I attached the configuration that I do on my ESET for the specialists to look at and check if it is a good protection, remembering that I am not an ESET specialist despite wanting to learn more and more. Thanks for the personal help 😉 ESS v14.0.22 Config Recomendada.zip
  7. Hi Peter. I don't know if I did the orientation that you said in the post a little bit higher. But I put some pictures for you to take a look at, I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible as it is a boring mistake. NOTE: I am using only the ESET password manager Thanks.
  8. @Peter Randziak Any updates for this issue? It is sad that this is happening while I am using Bitwarden.
  9. In my opinion the old password manager was much better, simple and efficient. In addition to working perfectly without bugs in the login fields.
  10. Hi. I also have the same problem as you, this problem is really annoying, especially the error that occurs that all the password manager screen goes blank. In my case this problem occurs in the Google Chrome browser. This discouraged me a little from ESET Smart Security as I bought the 3 year ESET subscription precisely because of the password manager that I always liked. Right now I'm using Bitwarden to replace it as long as there is no fix for it (I hope they fix this problem soon).
  11. Hello good day! I need help, I have been unable to save new passwords in Eset Password Manager for over a month. I'm tired of sending e-mail to support and they return that they will call my home phone and never call. The problem is that I bought the license for 3 years (until 2022) but it keeps giving an error saying that my license has expired and not only that the password manager website also gives an error and says I should contact the administrator (the license being my personal). I am desperate, I have been using ESET for several years and I am always renewing it, more this time I am disappointed because I bought the most expensive product from the company and the support is terrible. I attach the errors that are appearing on my screen. License ID: 3AH-HBK-2BT Remembering that it is not a Windows clock problem because I already formatted the machine about 3x and the error always remains. Other than that my computer is new, there is no battery problem. Can anybody help me? Thanks.
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