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  1. *Bump* I'm still getting the same error,twice in one day Grrr. Is there any update to this problem. Colin
  2. Hi After I installed Passord Manager 3 for my ESET Smart Security Premium,i encountered a problem.I installed the Password manager extension to my browser(firefox),and things seemed to be fine.But when i restart my PC and try to start Password Manager i sometimes get the results in my 2 screenshots below:- But other times the Password Manager extension will start okay in my browser.The only way i can get the Password manager extension to work in my browser,is to remove the extension and reinstall it.This is a small hassle to me,but unnecessary. What i want to know is
  3. Hi Sorry about this.I was having trouble with Firefox recently,and i had to save my history file.That went well but now whenever i start Firefox,i get the error message(see image #1).Yes i have installed the Password extension to Firefox.I have uninstalled password manager from the Firefox extension page,and reinstalled it from this ESET help page:- https://help.eset.com/password_manager/2/en-US/install_firefox_extension.html?extensionId={d43e5373-26d4-4745-89b9-83299e9d505f} But i still get the same error message whenever i start up Firefox.I have tried the troubleshooting tips
  4. Hi Thanks itman,followed the guide you suggested and now password and Firefox seem to be working good together now.Technology is great,but when it throws a wobbly... Thanks Colin
  5. Hi So can anyone help me out?.Does my post need more info,or do i need to start a support ticket?. Thanks Colin
  6. Hi I recently had to reset my Windows 10,and after that i was re-installing my software for my PC.But i keep getting an Outdated message when i click on the Eset password manager extension in Firefox 68(64 bit). This extension was working about 3 days ago,but now it doesn't want to work. I have tried the tips in this Support page:- https://support.eset.com/kb6181/ What can i try to get my Eset password manager extension working again?. Thanks Colin
  7. Hi Marcos I went on my Girlfriends laptop,and went on store.steampowered.com,and the store page was still messed up.So it's not my PC... (we live in the same flat and share the wifi,although the router in the flat complex is there for anybody who signs up to the Wifinity service.Have i made sense there?). Colin As a side note,i can't buy anyhting on Steam now.When i do click on the price(no button) turns red and nothing happens.
  8. Hi Okay,i unstalled ESET and then reinstalled it again.All the while checking to see if Steam was looking right.No joy i'm afraid.Going to update my graphics card drivers to see if that helps. Colin
  9. I temporarily disabled ESET's firewall and temporarily disabling protocol filtering.Bth didn't work.Thanks for the suggestions though,i'm at a loss as what to try. Colin
  10. Hi Daedalus I tried re-installing Steam with Administrator privileges,but that didn't work. Colin
  11. Hi Cyberhash I added the new rules,but Steam still looks the same. Colin
  12. Hi Marcos Where is the protocol filtering in the advanced setup?.Have tried pausing the ESET firewall,but Steam still looks the same. Colin Update: I found it under Web and E-mail.It didn't didn't make any difference when i disabled it and restated Steam.
  13. Hi Cyebrhash Where do i put the exceptions as described in your image?.I put the exceptions in Firewall/Advanced/Exceptions,but i'm guessing it was the wrong part of ESET Firewall. Colin
  14. Hi Ever since i started using Steam on a wifi network,Steam hasn't been looking right.Please see this thread i started on the Steam forums:- hxxp://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/2860219962081648570/ I have tried adding an exception in my ESET Smart Security Premium firewall,but the problem stil persists.I am now asking for some advice on what to do next,or show me how i should be configuring ESET Smart Security Premium properly so that Steam looks okay again. Thanks Colin
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