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  1. Hi Marcos, Thank you for your reply but I think you've missed my point. The guide you suggest shows you how to import either json or unprotected xml files, neither of which were the standard day to day recommended backup method for V2, which was protected .spdb files - you cannot import those. Had I been warned of the incompatibility prior to the system upgrading I could've saved an xml file but by time that became apparent it was too late. I did contact customer service regarding this and queried how a .spdb file could be converted but after an initial response pointing me to a simila
  2. My V13 installation auto updated to V14 recently which caused a number of issues with Password Manager due to the V2 to V3 incompatibility. As the recommended export method in V2 is a protected database file (which V3 won't accept) I ended up having to re-enter all my data again from scratch. It would've been helpful if this information was flagged somehow prior to the upgrade happening. Fortunately the app on my iphone, although disconnected, still retained the data that I could reference. Now I have run into the issue that the iOS app will not connect (using my new password created on th
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