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Full screen games gets minimized


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every time i play a full screen game it gets minimized after a few hours .

i am starting to think that this is probably because of nod32 antivirus that i recently installed(it never happened to me before) . i am thinking maybe it is minimized by nod32 because someone told me that maybe this is because my computer is focused on a different program .

if someone knows why my full screen games getting minimized after a few hours and can help it will be awsome .


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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Yhb22,


I play games and that never happen to me.


Try this, download the installer and save it.

Uninstall ESET, reboot, clean temp folders, reboot again, install - activate ESET. > Reboot

and tell us how is go after that, if not provide us with the below detail information.


Give us more information.

  • version of the ESET product
  • name of the game/s you are using
  • that happen when you are playing or when the PC gets idle
  • do you have active the "presentation mode"?
  • Which OS is? version?
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