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Why some antivirus uses much RAM – And why that is actually a good thing


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I felt I had to edited the title and add the word "some" in the thread title, because every AV/AM on the market is not designed like ESET and Emsisoft. Avast for example is not, unless they have changed recently.


Though some parts, like the "ram is cheap" part, could have been left out as an argument for having this design since that have NOTHING to do with why Emsisoft, ESET and others choose to design their software like this, at all.


And it also adds confusion as seen in the comments section where more than one person really don't understand the whole reason behind why this design is superior, and that it actually helps the system performance for all users, even for those "heavy duty" users like Martin and Adrean.


All in all, a good article that explains it nicely, but it could have been written a bit differently to prevent some blog readers (and Emsisoft users) from making the wrong conclusion.


(One can mention that some might use much ram when they shouldn't, but that is not the case here. And the engine + more may be coded in a crappy way so the software runs like crapp, then all this doesn't matter of course.)

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