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Is ERA 6 worth upgrading to now?  I am with a small company with about 30 systems.  Managing the system is a small part of my job, and I don't want to spend a bunch of time fiddling with not-quite-ready software, and I don't have any sort of test environment.  I was going to do the upgrade now, but I'm happy enough to put it off for awhile if the bugs need to be worked out.


The other question I had reading the documentation is it tells you to uninstall V5 from the clients first, then upgrade and install v6 from ERA6.  Is that necessary, or can I upgrade to ERA6 then push the new version to the clients? 




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Since you're in a reasonably small company and ERA v6 is a brand new generation and a robust solution for managing ESET's products, I'd recommend staying with ERA v5 for now. Just make sure that:

- the latest version of ERA 5.3 is installed

- the latest version of Endpoind v5 is installed (I'd recommend using Endpoint Security instead of Endpoint Antivirus as it's capable of preventing file encryption by blocking Filecoders at network level which is not possible with Endpoint Antivirus)

- LiveGrid is enabled and that the CloudCar test file (innoucous) downloadable from hxxp://amtso.security-features-check.com/cloudcar.exe is detected as Suspicious object.

- All protection modules are enabled

- Advanced heuristics on file execution is enabled in the advanced real-time protection setup.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @TheMartin,


Added to the @Marcos recommendation, if in the future you want to move to ERAv6,

I suggest you first create a little network (3 pc) for test and learn how v6 do the things.


As others say in this forum, and I agree the learning curve takes time, because works

different than v5. :)


Also, use "All-in-one" installers for ERAv6, is the easy way to start.

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Thanks Marcos.  Is Endpoint Security a separate license to purchase?  We don't have much of a budget and I have Eset Antivirus licenses until 2017.


I'm not sure what you mean by:

"LiveGrid is enabled and that the CloudCar test file (innoucous) downloadable from hxxp://amtso.securit...om/cloudcar.exe is detected as Suspicious object."

Any more info you can provide on this?  I think I have all the other options enabled, but not livegrid.  I can work on that.

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When I look at the difference between the 2 products, I don't need any of the stuff listed:



Such as firewall and spam protection.  Can the Antivirus really not protect against the encryption/ransomware attacks?

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  • ESET Staff


Can the Antivirus really not protect against the encryption/ransomware attacks?


Answering your question I copy/paste @Marcos says in other thread:


Although Endpoint Security can block malicious communication at the network level to prevent encryption (the feature will be implemented to EAV/EEA within a couple of months as well), Endpoint Antivirus also utilizes mechanisms like HIPS, Advanced Memory Scanner and Exploit Blocker to detect and recognize new malware. Of course, no matter what AV is used and what protection mechanisms are employed, there's still slim chance that malware could make it through all protection layers which is why users should be educated not to click on everything or open any suspicious attachment.

What @Marcos try to say related to ESET Live Grid is:

You can test if have ESET Live Grid working just when you try to download of that file.

ESET will stop the download and show you an Alert on red about the file.

Related to your short budget...

ESET Endpoint Antivirus license can be converted to ESET Endpoint Security.

and you can always ask the price for that and not take action.

But I guess the Sales department will happy to assist you in any question you have (happens in all company's :D)

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