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  1. Thanks, I was looking under client tasks, and couldn't see anything there. I was loonnig for something that looked like "agent upgrade."
  2. Can you clarify that? I've got the same issue. When I look through task categories, I don't see an "upgrade task". Is it "modules update"?
  3. Thanks Michal, I guess what would be nice at this point is a simple tutorial how to keep the agent and security product up to date on a group of systems. So I have a server group I deal with manually, but for workstations I just tick the "do not reboot if required" box and let the user reboot when they see the message. I'd just like to automate for all of them. I have found the "outdated applications" panel so I've been using that for the week, which I guess is the simplest method at this point. Looking forward to micro PCU and auto agent updates in the future.
  4. So the answer is, no there is no easy way to automate this? That's disappointing. Do large companies just have someone constantly managing outdated machines, or do they just let them run with old versions?
  5. I am finding doing updates to be a major pain. I'd love if I could automate it to just push a new agent and AV product any time a new version is available. Or bare minimum have a task I can just run that updates both. Currently I click on each computer, then in the bottom right where it says "outdated version" I click there, then click "update ESET products". I do this for every computer. I know there are ways to create tasks, but in the past I've had to manual make the task every time there is a new version. Can I automate this "button push" for all systems in a group? Seems simple, bu
  6. When I look at the difference between the 2 products, I don't need any of the stuff listed: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3612/?locale=en_US Such as firewall and spam protection. Can the Antivirus really not protect against the encryption/ransomware attacks?
  7. Thanks Marcos. Is Endpoint Security a separate license to purchase? We don't have much of a budget and I have Eset Antivirus licenses until 2017. I'm not sure what you mean by: "LiveGrid is enabled and that the CloudCar test file (innoucous) downloadable from hxxp://amtso.securit...om/cloudcar.exe is detected as Suspicious object." Any more info you can provide on this? I think I have all the other options enabled, but not livegrid. I can work on that.
  8. Is ERA 6 worth upgrading to now? I am with a small company with about 30 systems. Managing the system is a small part of my job, and I don't want to spend a bunch of time fiddling with not-quite-ready software, and I don't have any sort of test environment. I was going to do the upgrade now, but I'm happy enough to put it off for awhile if the bugs need to be worked out. The other question I had reading the documentation is it tells you to uninstall V5 from the clients first, then upgrade and install v6 from ERA6. Is that necessary, or can I upgrade to ERA6 then push the new version to
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