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ESET ERA 6 Scheduled tasks | How to stop?

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Hi Everyone.

I'm currently having an issue with running a few tasks at the same time.


From what it seems, no matter if its a client or server task, I can only run one at the time from each type.


If i try more, the status of the new tasks will be "Task is Starting" and that's it.

If the running task is taking too long, the tasks waiting in queue will fail due to overwaiting.


Is there a way to stop tasks while they are running without deleting them? (If i go into a client and click the scheduled task and click delete, it will delete the task itself, not just stop it from running.)


Thank you!


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Any updates about that? 

@moderators, anyone?

in case the question isn't clear,

I'll rephrase here:


I'd like to know How to stop "A Server Task" or "A Client Task" which I executed and is either stuck on "Task is Starting" or just stuck and is taking too long.

Can i Cancel,Stop, Kill it in any way?


and on a side note, Can I bypass the "Task Planned" Stage?



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