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  1. Restart message

    Really hoping that there will eventually be a better way of informing users they need to restart the computer after an Eset update. Users consistently refuse to restart when they get the "Eset needs attention" message in the system tray. I'm forced to send the pop up window message task telling them to restart. This message scares them because they think any message that pops up on the screen is a virus and they refuse to reboot after seeing it. There has to be a better way to make people restart after an update. Ideally, not requiring a restart after an update would be wonderful. What exactly happens if people don't restart? Is Eset simply not working until they do? Or is it working but certain modules aren't? Or is it working fine but a restart is recommended?
  2. Yes. This worked for me every time. About 3/4 of the computers would upgrade with no issues but those that failed required this step to correct it. You will have doubles of the same computer name in your license manager after doing this though it doesn't appear to take up a second license. You can just remove the duplicate. Best option is just to not update any computers at all. Skip this update and wait for the next one. I got about 130 computer up to this version but I won't be upgrading any others.
  3. This is still a problem. Message sent.
  4. uninstalls aren't possible. freeze on preparing uninstallation. only solution is forced uninstall via the command line uninstaller which has to be run in safe mode. this is a serious nuisance for affected PCs in other parts of the country that don't have anyone in that location to fix this.
  5. Same problem here. Having to uninstall via the command line uninstaller tool and then reinstall manually. Afterwards the license server shows duplicate entries for the same machine. I'm avoiding this update on any further machines. There's something seriously wrong with it.