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  1. Marcos, I quoted two sync logs in the first post. Here are two more from today: 11:01:26 OCN: {I8:0x00000000-01EAFF29} 11:01:26 Checking local modifications 11:01:26 Ignore property: 0x3FFA001F 11:01:26 Compare named property: EsetMessageFlag 11:01:26 Getting remote properties 11:01:26 Checking remote modifications 11:01:26 Compare (conflict) named property: EsetMessageFlag 11:01:26 Local: {I4:1} 11:01:26 Remote: {Error (0x8004010F)} 11:01:26 Not equal (conflict) named property: EsetMessageFlag 11:01:26 Local modification: {10:01:17.0072 17/11/2020 [DD/MM/YYYY]} 11:01:26 Remote modification: {10:01:15.0591 17/11/2020 [DD/MM/YYYY]} 11:01:26 Conflict generated, local item is winner 10:58:16 OCN: {I8:0x00000000-01EAF9ED} 10:58:16 Checking local modifications 10:58:16 Ignore property: 0x3FFA001F 10:58:16 Compare named property: EsetMessageFlag 10:58:16 Getting remote properties 10:58:16 Checking remote modifications 10:58:16 Compare (conflict) named property: EsetMessageFlag 10:58:16 Local: {I4:1} 10:58:16 Remote: {Error (0x8004010F)} 10:58:16 Not equal (conflict) named property: EsetMessageFlag 10:58:16 Local modification: {09:58:08.0357 17/11/2020 [DD/MM/YYYY]} 10:58:16 Remote modification: {09:58:08.0954 17/11/2020 [DD/MM/YYYY]} 10:58:17 Conflict generated, remote item is winner We do not use ESET on MS Exchange Online. -- rpr.
  2. On a PC I imported OutlookSyncIssuesFix_enable.xml to ESET Endpoint Antivirus (Setup > Import/Export settings) and then restarted Outlook but after that it is still recording new sync issues (and conflict emails). -- rpr.
  3. Hello! Our users on MS Windows 10 Pro. 2004 64-bit machines with ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2036 use current Outlook for Microsoft 365 clients with email accounts on Exchange Online. The ESET toolbar in Outlook is enabled. A dozen of times every day Outlook records sync issues that include description as the following and the corresponding email message is saved to the Conflicts subfolder (which consumes mailbox space): 15:01:29 OCN: {I8:0x00000000-01E9D201} 15:01:29 Checking local modifications 15:01:29 Compare property: 0x007D001F 15:01:29 Ignore property: 0x3FFA001F 15:01:29 Compare named property: EsetMessageFlag 15:01:29 Compare named property: Emon Scanner Build 15:01:29 Getting remote properties 15:01:29 Checking remote modifications 15:01:29 Compare (conflict) property: 0x007D001F 15:01:29 15:01:29 15:01:29 Not equal (conflict) property: 0x007D001F 15:01:29 Local modification: {14:01:24.0006 16/11/2020 [DD/MM/YYYY]} 15:01:29 Remote modification: {14:01:23.0113 16/11/2020 [DD/MM/YYYY]} 15:01:29 Conflict generated, local item is winner 14:54:08 OCN: {I8:0x00000000-01E9C1CF} 14:54:08 Checking local modifications 14:54:08 Ignore property: 0x3FFA001F 14:54:08 Compare named property: Emon Scanner Build 14:54:08 Getting remote properties 14:54:08 Checking remote modifications 14:54:08 Compare (conflict) named property: Emon Scanner Build 14:54:08 Local: {I4:47480} 14:54:08 Remote: {Error (0x8004010F)} 14:54:08 Not equal (conflict) named property: Emon Scanner Build 14:54:08 Local modification: {13:54:03.0373 16/11/2020 [DD/MM/YYYY]} 14:54:08 Remote modification: {13:54:08.0523 16/11/2020 [DD/MM/YYYY]} 14:54:09 Conflict generated, remote item is winner According to some threads on this forum, the issue exists for a long time and I wonder why it has not been fixed yet. Any suggestions? -- rpr.
  4. I was able to update ESET Rogue Detection Sensor to v. 1.1.693.1 by installing rdsensor_x64.msi from All-in-one Installer (x64.zip) for ESMC (downloaded from https://www.eset.com/int/business/security-management-center/download/). For upgrading Apache Tomcat from 7.0.96 to 9.0.39 I followed instructions from https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/72/en-US/upgrading_apache_tomcat_windows.html Though, the article does not say that after restoring server.xml file from previous installation you have to edit it to update the Tomcat path in the following line: keystoreFile="C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\.keystore" Otherwise, the Apache Tomcat service will not start. -- rpr.
  5. I restarted the Windows Server and started the task again which finished successfully. Now I see the following versions: ESET Management Agent 7.2.1266 - upgraded ESET Security Management Center Server 7.2.1278.0 - upgraded ESET Rogue Detection Sensor 1.1.693.0 - not upgraded Apache Tomcat 7.0.96 - not upgraded KB3690 says that ESMS on Windows should contain newer versions of the following components: ESET Rogue Detection Sensor 1.1.693.1 Apache Tomcat 9.0.35 Why the upgrade task in web console did not upgrade those components? Is it possible to do it manually? -- rpr.
  6. Hello, I am trying to upgrade ESET Security Management Center from v. to SMC is running on a MS Windows Server 2012. I followed instructions given at https://support.eset.com/en/kb7384/ Installation prerequisites at https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/72/en-US/prerequisites_server_windows.html are all met. I created the upgrade task in Tasks > Client Tasks > ESET Security Management Center > Security Management Center Components Upgrade with ESET Security Management Center Server, ver. 7.2.1278.0 for Windows and started it but after 3 hours it is still running, which is not expected I'd say. The web console is accessible and after user login it says: Programs and Features still shows ESET Security Management Center Server 7.1.717.0. How to solve this issue? -- rpr.
  7. On https://help.eset.com/eea/7/en-US/installation_command_line.html I've found parameters that can be used for specifying GUI language with MSI file that is used in the client task: PRODUCT_LANG and PRODUCT_LANG_CODE I successfully tested the following settings in my client task specification that installs ESET Endpoint Antivirus in US English:
  8. Hi! In SMC I have created a client task for the installation of ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2032 from eea_nt64.msi package downloaded from https://www.eset.com/int/business/portfolio/ The task will run on our machines with MS Windows 10 1903 64-bit. We would like that the product is installed with English GUI on all machines regardless of Windows language settings of particular machine but I don't see an option to define GUI language while creating the task in SMC. Can that be achieved with an installation parameter? -- rpr.
  9. On https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/prerequisites_server_windows.html I see that ESMC Server on Windows requires Java/OpenJDK. This is further explained in https://support.eset.com/kb7088/ and it seems that the article says that Java Development Kit (JDK) has to be installed on the server. Is it correct or Java Runtime Environment (JRE) would be enough for ESMC to work?
  10. I am also seeing this error on a Windows Server with MS SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB (ver. 11.4.7469.6) and MS SQL Server 2012 Native Client (ver. 11.4.7001.0) that were installed with MS Azure AD Connect ver. 1.1.888.0. BTW, sqlnclir11.rll is not a DLL but a RLL file explained here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/relational-databases/native-client/applications/components-of-sql-server-native-client I do not understand why ekrn service, that works as a protected service, needs to load sqlnclir11.rll file.
  11. The error mentions the integration with Outlook Express/Windows Mail, not Outlook (which is incorrectly written in the subject of this topic). In our site nobody uses Outlook Express/Windows Mail.
  12. I can add to this that the error is triggered by a user log out from Windows. You can get rid of the error by disabling the ESET integration into Outlook Express/Windows Mail if they are not used on the machines: Advanced Setup > WEB AND EMAIL > Email client protection > EMAIL CLIENT INTEGRATION > Disable "Integrate into Outlook Express/Windows Mail"
  13. Today I also got this error from a Windows Server 2012 R2 with ESET File Security v. 6.5.12010.0. I'd say the server does not have either Outlook Express or Windows Mail installed. Why does ESET AV report this problem? If this is a bug, is it going to be fixed anytime soon?
  14. Hi! On MS Windows 10 Pro. v. 1703 we use ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.5. In Windows Defender Security Center there is the App & browser control section with three settings (see the attached screenshot). I'd like to know if these settings are irrelevant when ESET Endpoint Antivirus is running? If not, then what is the best option to choose for each setting: Check apps and files SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge SmartScreen for Windows Store apps -- rpr.
  15. We are also seeing this error coming from some ESET clients (ESET Endpoint Antivirus v. 6.5.2094, Windows 10 Pro. 64-bit - v. 1511).
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