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Check Internet options in the Control panel -> Connections -> LAN settings. Most likely you have the option "Use automatic configuration script" enabled and it's set to the malicious proxy address which is blocked by ESET. Remove the address and uncheck the box to fix the issue.

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Hi (again) @uktotty,


Can be adware or something, not exactly Malware.


As I mention in the other thread, some adware and search engines add themselves to the

browser link, so when you start the program they start too.


Reset all the installed browsers in the machine, after that edit the Properties of every link to

a browser and be sure only the .exe is listed like "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe".

Any extra text there, deleted.


Can you post here the list of your installed programs?


Check if you start page has been change to another search engine or direction, or also a

secundary tab is open at loaded.

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