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Heimdal security any good?


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does anyone use heimdal pro?  is it any good?

does it work well with eset nod 32 ? do i have to exclude it ?


i am thinking of buying this software and would like some advice 



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  • ESET Staff

Hi Dominic,


The big answer to your question is: Never is good to have 2 antivirus software running in the same machine, creates conflicts

and false positive.


From my personal side, If you have a "lack of faith" on your antivirus software perhaps isn't matter what you will use.

  To solve this particular "problem" you have to add another layer of security, that means: you.


   You have to use a policy about security when you surf Internet, run a software, etc. Like download programs before

   run have to be scan by antivirus, uploaded to VirusTotal, check the hash, test in a virtual machine with no-internet

   connection, etc, etc.


There is no 100% antivirus effective, so you have to complete the equation:

Antivirus software + software installed up-to-date+you taking caution = probability of infection reduced to a minimum. :)

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Hello Dominic. I have not used it (so I cannot pass judgement on it), but I know there is a thread on it over at Wilders.




Also BleepingComputer has info. hxxp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/search/?cx=partner-pub-0920899300397823%3A3529943228&cof=FORID%3A10&ie=UTF-8&q=Heimdal


Hopefully one of the ESET Moderators will have a thought on it.


Good luck.

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thank you for your advice 


i will give it a pass as i have very good surfing skills and i always keep things updated and i have never had a virus or malware since using windows 8 and nod 32 now i use windows 10  still not a peep 

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