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  1. no problems here as well eset works fine as normal
  2. Thank you itman I also tested latest Firefox and same problem occurred with PayPal. Hopefully someone from ESET will look in to this.
  3. sadly adding it does not help still does not work any idea's? other than manually opening OPP and navigating to Paypal which does work.
  4. this only happens with Paypal website other banking sites work. Paypal is not automaticaly protected
  5. still having problems with banking protection using version,Chrome 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) And win 10 1703 (15063.447) list of current modules normal release updates as follows Virus signature database: 15689 (20170704) Rapid Response module: 10318 (20170704) Update module: 1010 (20170621) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1522.1 (20170621) Advanced heuristics module: 1176 (20170217) Archive support module: 1265 (20170623) Cleaner module: 1135 (20170505) Anti-Stealth support module: 1113 (20170530) Firewall module: 1357.1 (20170529) ESET SysInspector module: 1269 (20170321) Translation support module: 1607 (20170605) HIPS support module: 1286 (20170606) Internet protection module: 1309 (20170613) Web content filter module: 1052 (20160620) Advanced antispam module: 5781 (20170703) Database module: 1090 (20170522) Configuration module (33): 1483.3 (20170413) LiveGrid communication module: 1022 (20160401) Specialized cleaner module: 1012 (20160405) Banking & payment protection module: 1107 (20170628) Rootkit detection and cleaning module: 1018 (20170601) Network protection module: 1480 (20170704) Router vulnerability scanner module: 1037 (20170419) Script scanner module: 1018 (20170616) Home Network Protection module: 1014 (20170531) Cryptographic protocol support module: 1018 (20170613)
  6. Google chrome Version 59.0.3071.86 (64-bit) no longer automatically protects banking it does manually work though. just notifying you to pass on to eset Windows 10 Home 64bit version 1703 Build 15063.332
  7. yes i can confirm that Eset internet security works as well on the above mentioned build of windows 10
  8. it seems that they updated the UK website to mirror the US site in style and layout. maybe the site is now hosted in the US? i was confused as well at first
  9. and click on advanced downloads and then you should see changelog click on it it and it should show you the changelog information same process for both products hope this helps
  10. if you have a multi-device pack like i do you will be able to use ESS, EIS, EAV with your licance
  11. NOD32 Ransomware Protection?

    hello lemon866 eset 10 is the next gen due to be released sometime at the end of this month
  12. if you look at the July reading it says 99.7 blocked
  13. version

    it is excellent no problems here. the lateset version of classic shell is compatible with the latest version of windows 10 as well
  14. that is very good news thank you for the info. was a very good read
  15. Regesrty

    Hello, I think it's good in any case, that ESET provides the opportunity to give a message if the initial settings have been rewritten in the Regestry. Unfortunately, it is so that only one sector is checked. Unfortunately, some are missing. These are: \ HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon (where the malware can be added writing to the Explorer.exe) Also lack even the startup folder: \ Users \ [account name] \ AppData \ roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ startup \ Users \ All Users \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup If ESET Smart Security 9 (+) would now also monitor these folders / keys yet, it would be much safer for the consumer. Translated with Google Translate by Dom1da hope this helps Marcos