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  1. Hey. Thanks itman. Yes - my screen is as the one you showed me - so i am ok . seems such a lot of paths to find something out with ms. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the help, Itman. Appreciated. I am satisfied that eset is managing the firewall settings as should be. My problem was not doubting eset - twas MS. I checked - my W-10 version is 1809. Cheers.
  3. I guess Windows makes it confusing as to which firewall is on. does Eset now have their firewall running WITH w. Firewall. Here is a screen i hope will help. thanks.
  4. Hi. I see the screen you posted under C.Panel-windows defender f.Wall. Under C. Panel i have the following: -Start=CPanel-sec. & Maintenance-VIRUS PROTECTION-view in W. Security.. =Here it says Eset is turned on on. At bottom of this screen it says OPEN APP. than below that i have an option of arrow down OR arrow up. Not sure what that all means, -Start=CPanel-Sec. & Maintenance-NETWORK FIREWALL-view in W.Security = Here there is no identification as to which firewall is on - - neither is there an OPEN APP option nor an Arrow up or arrow down option. i remember once the option was there, as it is in virus protection.
  5. W. - 10. EIS. Under Windows sec. & Maintenance it says Eset antivirus is on. Under Firewall, it only says firewall is active - does not say which is on - W. or Eset. Under control panel-w. defender firewall-advanced settings = it says W. defender firewall is on. does that mean both eset F.Wall AND windows. F.Wall are BOTH on! Thanks.
  6. Turns out EIS IS doing a removable media scan when i ask it to. My mistake. Sorry. I just renewed EIS license, because of this forum, & because i trust ESET is doing the job, even when i don't understand it. So keep up the good work. Appreciated.
  7. I have EIS removable scan option set to show scan options. Works good. A question. When i insert a removable media, when i ask it to scan the device - the scan is finished in 2-4 seconds. When i open W.Explorer & find the removable device (Derive d) - ask eset to scan the drive - Eset will scan it for up to 3 minutes. This is quite a difference in scan time. I ask, as i want to be sure any removable media/device can be scanned if i ask it to. Especially thumb/jump drives that come from another pc. Thanks.
  8. separate scans for - a vulnerability scan AND a root-kit scan - ala - KTS