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  1. Thanks Itman. Good advice - advice i had probably a couple of years ago - forgot. Guess this post is closed. Best in 2020 to yoy.
  2. Hi moderators. Just wondering why no response to this post. Thanks. And happy 2020.
  3. I am back with Eset because i trust it. Suggestion - better User Interface - Kaspersky has a good one. Makes decisions for me - i can run the optimize settings when i want to. Kaspersky allowed me to stop any updates or scans starting when i am doing a Power-Point presentation. Thanks. :)
  4. just back withEset. a q. regarding in depth scan. Do I have to edit " then hilite `PC` in order to have in depth scan work. OR does it work automatically (do an in depth scan). I have set Smart scan as my default scan. I have a custom scan setting for my `PC`. Thanks.
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