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Eve Online

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I have recently signed up with the Eve Online MMORPG and post this for information.

After game installation the launcher would not connect to game servers. Pausing both Eset firewall and protection had no effect.
It turns out that Eset's SSL protocol filtering was the cause of my problem. The Launcher was in the list of filtered applications and adding it to excluded applications resolved the issue.


I hope this is of interest to anyone who might have issues in similar situations.

I also have an observation - SSL protocol filtering continues to operate when the firewall and protection are paused via the Eset icon.

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About Learning mode:


Learning  mode — Learning mode should only be used if you are an experienced user in a controlled environment because it does not require user approval to create permanent rules and can expose your computer to increased risk.
Learning mode allows all activity and automatically creates and saves rules based on user behavior; it offers a less user-intensive initial configuration of the Personal firewall. No user interaction is required. Learning mode is not secure, and should only be used until all rules for required communications have been created. The Personal firewall should then be set to Automatic mode with exceptions or Policy mode.

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  • ESET Staff

Thank you for reporting this problem. Eve launcher was unable to communicate because ESS9 has a default configuration that blocks the obsolete SSLv2 protocol. However it was not our intention to filter the communication of anything else than browsers or email clients in automatic SSL filtering mode, so I've made a change that fixes that. It should be available on prerelease update servers next week, and on release servers possibly a week later.

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