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  1. Thanks for your help and suggestions. I have removed all external devices connected to the motherboard, including headers to case USB slots, and operated with only a PS2 keyboard. I still get the unknown USB device report. I'll refer the issue to motherboard manufacturer Regards
  2. Thanks for your advice. I did the motherboard updates but they had no effect; continued getting the unknown device report Uninstalled Eset and the unknown device report changed to 'No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device'. Looks like a motherboard defect. Regards
  3. I have an annoying persistent problem that appears to be related to edevmon.sys Device manager reports an Unknown USB device. Properties of this device indicate a Code 43 error. driver details indicate edevmon.sys. Updating the driver indicates the best driver is installed. Disabling or uninstalling the device has no permanent result. Suggestions that might resolve this issue greatly appreciated. OS - Windows 10 Pro; Version 1809; Build 17763.348 MB- MSI Z370 Gaming M5 Images uploaded
  4. Firefox has been my default browser for quite a long while and I have no interest in going to IE of any vintage for the sake of BP&P. Running the B&PP as outlined in my previous post does open Firefox in a protected session.
  5. Banking and Payment Protection works for my bank when I use the shortcut placed on my PC desktop during Eset install and from the link in the Win 10 program list. It does not work when I add my bank's URL at Setup>Security Tools. Then I get a blank page at my bank's logon screen. B&PP does work with the PayPal URL added at Setup>Tools, so I presume there is something odd with my bank. I've pinned the B&PP shortcut to my task bar and use that when I need to access my bank. I'm using ESET v10 and my browser is Firefox 49 My experience with BB&P has been the same for previous versions of ESET and Firefox.
  6. I too find it annoying that when you resize a screen the resizing is not remembered; It goes back to default on exit. This is especially frustrating with the firewall rules edit screen. The default size is very cramped. ESS 9.0.318,0 with prerelease update active Windows 7 (64) fully updated
  7. I have recently signed up with the Eve Online MMORPG and post this for information. After game installation the launcher would not connect to game servers. Pausing both Eset firewall and protection had no effect. It turns out that Eset's SSL protocol filtering was the cause of my problem. The Launcher was in the list of filtered applications and adding it to excluded applications resolved the issue. I hope this is of interest to anyone who might have issues in similar situations. I also have an observation - SSL protocol filtering continues to operate when the firewall and protection are paused via the Eset icon.
  8. My default browser is Firefox, currently version 40.0.3; I use some privacy add-ons, and HTTPS-Everywhere (V5.1) by EFF is among them. The add-on seems to interfere with the functioning of Banking Protection When the add-on is enabled Banking Protection returns Eset's 404 page not found error. However when the HTTPS-Everywhere is disabled Banking Protection opens the correct URL. Eset beta is in interactive mode and pre-release update is enabled. Otherwise settings are default. My OS is Windows 7 64bit Home Premuim with current updates.
  9. Windows 10 Home Premium introduces automatic updates with no options to manage them by delaying or not updating. Will Eset Smart Security in integrated mode allow you to block/unblock the updates and thus give some level of management of them?
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