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W update when downloading eset update

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I just applied an update for my virus signature.

However, MS said they had an optional & a recommended update.

I gave the ok to download.

However, it started to download W-10 - WHICH I DONT WANT.

I managed to stop the MS download.

However, when i check for MS downloads, the W-10 is hidden - however, i know fron the size they are trying to PUT it on my computer via the optional update. 

I cannot download the recommended update without the optional (W-10) coming with it.

I know this is not an eset issue.  Just asking around out there.

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and obviously you started it in the wrong section.

anyway MS is downloading the upgrade to eligible computers even if you didn't select to reserve it, in case you decide later that you want it and you don't have to wait for the entire OS to download to the computer.


after all the upgrade process won't start unless you explicitly select to start it.

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Hello jems. I am curious, what is the update # that you want but brings along the Win 10 deal?


I also do NOT want Win 10-as a result I have a number of Windows updates "hidden". There are a few Windows updates that set the stage to get you to update to Win 10. Take a look at this post by rugk.




And this one by SweX.




(Win 10 really appears to be a problem child......at least to me) <_<

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