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Microsoft Crippling Windows Updates on Windows 7


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If the telemetry updates/ forced Windows 10 Upgrade related Windows Updates weren't enough to make you despite this company, now they have started a new trick.

On 3 different occasions / 3 different clean install of Windows 7, after the initial updates scan which took ages to complete this time, I initially thought this was due to the fact that there were 200 updates available......

Anyway, I don't install all updates together, but rather, I follow a certain pattern which you will see in my soon to be completed Windows 7 Clean Install Guide.

I start with IE 9 update then reboot

Then I perform all security updates then reboot

Then I install the Windows 7 SP1 update (1 update) then reboot

Then I do all the remaining Windows updates then reboot.

Now this time, when I checked the IE 9 update alone, the Downloading progress bar was at 0% for about 20 minutes or more then it started.....I thought it was a temporary server overload or something....

Then I started doing the other updates, be it 1 or multiple updates that I select, it would always take 20+ minutes to even start the download progress. It would just hand there at Downloading 0% for ages.....

I still thought it was just a temporary glitch with Windows Updates.

Then it happened again on the 2 other clean install I performed....

Then I read this and can now safely say that Micro$h4ft may be doing this on purpose to force people to upgrade to Windows 10.....Enough already.....seriously......I'm sick of this.......

No I do not want to skip the updates, I need the security updates and some updates are actually good........ (some)

Reformatted PC Win7 will not update

Windows Update - long time to check for updates

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before accusing someone learn proper english. despise not despite ;)


now there could be tens of issues as to why the download is stuck at 0% or at 99% for hours.

also most of the updates are cumulative and some replace the others so if a few years back you downloaded 200 updates after the format, and now only 100 is visible, that means that the other updates are replaced by newer ones.


also some updates take very long time to install, for example the .Net Framework.

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As pavilion_alex stated above, there may be several reasons why the updates take longer to download or install. I wouldn't worry about the issue you described.



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